Horses for Sale under 5000

Sales horses under 5000

ONTARIO HORSES FOR SALE $5000 & Under has 9839 members. Mail ads for local horses for sale in Ontario price up to $5000. Explore warmblood horses for sale on America's largest horse marketplace. Sell and buy Harness Horses online.

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The horses and stallions for sale on are all in Florida.

The horses and stallions for sale on are all in Florida. Each horse/pony is priced in a spread, so there is never a hunch whether you can or not. An image says more than a thousand words, and on every entry should contain a photograph - the first one is free!

COURAGEOUS JUMP MARE!! Real 3-ring-pony!

Equestrian & Ponies for sale, Aiken, NC

Pippa can be contacted directly by mail or phone to receive the latest selling lists and further information on the horses and Ponys mentioned. She knows top horses for sale in and around Aiken and Southern Pines. She' ll be glad to show you the horses for sale in Aiken when you go on an excursion to Aiken or put you in contact with coaches in Southern Pines and is an exceptionally dependable and highly competitve horse trainer for events, training or the hunter with her outstanding leadership changes.

The Bacardi has a 1.10m jumper with a USEF track and would also make a great fighter or Eq mounts for Jr/AA. Very well acquainted with his work, great changes, light weight and " creeze " riding, but not slack. Nice for all 3 circles or could just drive training, because he drove USDF First Levels and knows the 2-Developments.

He jumps a small course and becomes very stable in training them. A very sporty, forward-looking mounted. Very good proper gait and very good shape over fencing. He' s good and quiet on the plain with nice, relaxed corridors. Great for a Jr/AA! Jr/AA's Max is a really funny all-rounder.

Equestrian education, jumping on a 2'9" course with plenty of room, trailer riding and easy, relaxed courses. A truly funny event rider, show jumping rider or horse rider for demanding Jr/AA or Pro. It has 3 great gears, very even, very good bridles and a good leap.

It is forward enough for the top layers and secure enough for the bottom layers. Mileage through USEA Training and USDF approved Second LEVE.

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