Horses for Sale Vancouver Island

Trekking Horses for sale Vancouver Island

Locate horses for sale near Nanaimo, . For sale or for rent in Vancouver Island... Deliveries to Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

The Flying Changes company sells high quality horses and ponies. We have browsing horses for sale in British Columbia (Canada).

Photograph accompanying horses - free to a good home.

Photograph accompanying horses - free to a good home. 2hhh, goes barefooted with great legs, easy groom. Have unreliability problems and goats if they so do not safely rid and will not go to a horseback home. It is not particularly herdbound and would therefore be a good accompaniment for a steed that often goes out without it.

Le├žons de Get Back In The Saddle Lessons for Adults Returning to Ruiding. Horses project: She is a 5 year old 14'2 handed QH filly, Lola knows how to jump and gallop, but needs a long-suffering canterer! She is a light nurse, but needs front boots for her front foot socks, she is 100% healthy.

Deliveries to Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Superb physical condition, dewormed and tooth-destroying.

Willow kept, light to hold, never sunk. Easily caught, good for the blacksmith. Was a great hubby-pony, mostly rode in the ring, very good on the longe, good for mountin. Sell because of the ageing of people from the equestrian world! $2500.00 on-board is on Salt Spring Island. 4-cylinder 5 hp category 1 4-cylinder petrol engines, 3-point restricted linkage and 15 hp PTO, this is an ideal option for all types of small areas: grazing, cleaning brushes, mobile material such as mud, dung, pebbles, shavings.

Awesome, light, comfy 15 " Synergist saddle, great for stamina, trails and trails; Frank Bell Knauf; long bugle with rope wraps; 5 " elevated and lace-up cantele; cut-back tails; British rig; super-core fit (great for long journeys or competitions); dotted neckties and tie ring, grouper ring, normal mudguards, upholstered race-bars.

Brderup Royal 2-horse pendant. It' in very good shape with very low on site running performance. It was purchased in 2009 and it can work with 7-handed horses. Knick is a 13-year-old fox gelding with AQHA registration. The Knick was mainly used for trails and has a certain education for running.

He is very reliable as a trailer rider and is good with kids. He has participated as a trained stallion in several races in the drum racing scene and as such has had this experience where he has done very well.

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