Horses for Sale Victoria Australia

Sales horses Victoria Australia

It's the best horse you want, so perfect and strong. The Australian performance horses for sale at Sharon Ridgway....

Find the condition of vic real estate for sale offers at the best price.

Australia horse for sale

Australia horses for sale at Sharon Ridgway. Describe your horse: This is a serious overseas stallion for a competitor with a view to the masters. Courageous and well-trained terrain, with pace and riding ability. Previous riding experiences and best performance: Twelfth CIC*** Berrima horse trials. She has all the quality of an internationally renowned star.

She is a beautiful stallion that you can have in a squad, she is a true Trierer and wants to do the work. Previous riding experiences and best performance: 2 - CCI** at the Sydney International Three Day 2018 Evening. His obedience is surprising and he always tries to find his horseman. This is the most stunning and sincere all-terrain champion.

Just for sale to the right horseman to take him upstairs. Real 4* forthcoming equine. Mother: 1. 40m Thoroughbred show-jumper. Your horse's description: This is an extraordinarily gifted and classy stallion. Courageous and effective in the terrain, he is a thoroughbred for a serious horseman who wants a mount to lead him through the top level of events or show jump.

Previous riding experiences and best performance: 2. CNC* Sydney Horse Trials. Your horse's description: This eye-catching full blood is rode and bred by an amateur, this unusual boy is a good looking model with a genuine 4* hallmark. The previous riding experiences of the horses and the best performance: Describe your horse:

Recently Punchy was 2. at the 2* at FOW on August 18th in the doubles jump. It is an extreme sincere stallion that brings his non-professional in only 18 month from 1195 to 2*3DE. Featuring a great work ethic, exercise and jumpability, he will be an asset to any top events team.

Punchy was recently the 1. CNC1* Mount Gambier HT 2018, the only young stallion to reach his level. Equine experiences until today and best performances: Your horse's description: This experienced 4* has a great deal of riding knowledge and a great character. He' s one of the few horses that easily leaps around a 4* lane and treats it like a beginner lane!

Only one of only 2 horses to reach a dual Clear-C Cross Country in 4* at the Australia International 3 Day Event 2017. Because of his size and talents he would also be suited for upper class jumps. It is a scarce chance to find a fitting mount that is willing to take its next competitor to the top.

The horse's previous riding experiences and the best performance: She is one of Ireland's best young 2* horses on piece of land and full of promise. Located 10 min from Dublin and very sorry to be put up for sale as conditions have changed for the drivers.

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