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The Vancouver Island Horse Sales/Leases Public Group Let's introduce: Jet Arsenic a 2014, 15.1 hh, old German sire. Arsenic will turn wherever it goes! Begun by Jody Lyn Busch, a coach, he stayed with her for 2 month to get a good star. From its inception, Arsen has been ridden by his coach who has confronted him with many different riding conditions such as obstacles, polo-crosses and even the beginnings of riding.

Your bloodlines go back to Sparfield, Model and Ramul's Justin. Arsenic would be a good perspective for training, westerns, work rides and cowboys' competitions. HeĀ also likes to ride the trail and is on his own as well as with other horses. Arsenic has long been fed for those of you who like to cruise your horses, has lugged a sledge behind you and has even drawn a skied dog behind you.

There would be no difficulty in continuing his education as a failed driver's trainer!

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Receive an alarm with the latest adverts for Horses & Ponies for Rehoming in Victoria. Receive an alarm with the latest adverts for Horses & Ponies for Rehoming in Victoria. 100 will fit the 78-80 size Brand new size 82 violet towel $40.00 New size violet doggie $20 Used 80" bow cloth with collar $30 size 80 Baker.....

ouie is a 4 year old non-registered lacquer gelding with 14,1 1/2 HH. Competition card-driven great bangs for sale, champ at Thunderbird in the ponieshooters. or.... 2017 Charmac Aluminium Truck. Inner 84 " inside..... 20 years old nice, cute, Appaloosa immediately available for 1/2 rent.

In search of a horsewoman who adores and enjoys this kid..... Cool's Top Gunner is a 12-year-old Tennessee Walker. The Red Painted Ladyship Marley is a 15 year old Quarter Horses color and is a very cute, but also timid stallion. It can haunt from now and then, but it is a very kind steed.

Join Marley and Gunner, a 15-year-old Quarter Horses and a 12-year-old Tennessee Walker. She is a Quarter Horses color and is a very nice girl, but also.....

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