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and Captures Ransom. Durham, Cary, Garner, RTP. Auctions save all our horses, where we are their last chance before they are sold for slaughter. Rex has this "Hey, look at me" presence about him that requires attention. Please click above to send me an e-mail.

Horse for sell

He is one of those hard-to-find, smaller but supple hippos. He has a great 4-stroke gear and years of trailer work. When you are looking for a short horse with a great pace and temper, you have just found him. Goalkeeper is a 12 year old, 14.3h old TB gelding.

A very handsome bay with a very good exterior and a good hair. The Keeper has a convenient gear and a smoother 4-stroke gear. It has years of riding and will go wherever you take it. You have just found this proven trailer companion.

Tennessee Walking Horses. He is rarely used in a Tennessee Walking Horses outfit. He has an outstanding predisposition and a great outfit. With years of trailer work, she is prepared to go on the tracks with her new Trailboss. He is Mr. Big, alias Biggie, is an 8 year old, 14.3h, strong, large legged, recorded GWHBEA gelding.

He is a beautiful horses, a healthy, experienced and supple rider with many years of riding time. It has a fantastic 4-stroke gear without trotting and speed. And if you are looking for the particular kind of horses that anyone can he is! The tiger is a 6 year old, 15.1h gold Palomino licensed IHBEA gelding.

She is a wonderful four-stroke without trotting or speed. It is an exceptional hiker in all kinds of terrains. He is a 5 year old, 15.1 year old, buckskin-registered TBBEA mam. It has a fantastic, even, slippery walk without trotting and speed. It has both trailer and test drive expertise.

He is a 7 year old, 15 hour, seldom brown racked horses Gelding. She is a beautiful show and trailerer. When you are looking for the right horses to turn their head on the way and in the ring, you have just found them! He' s got a funky high gear on a kegshoe.

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