Horses free to good home Ireland

Free horses at home Ireland

Join our rescue horses in search of their home forever. PURCHASE & SALE | Wicklow Hunt Branch Hunting paths, show and show jump and training. Ruppurt has distinguished himself in all events and is master of show jumpers and riders in the team. He' currently skipping 90 cm long classes with effortlessness. It is well suited for shoes, boxing, clips and heels and has no trucks.

He' s a great gentleman and gets along well with other horses.

It is a very linear stallion that would fit a competitor who wants to keep up in events or simply have a good time in a paddock or equestrian team. Perfektes Mutter-Tochter-Pferd. Easily boxed/traveled, Ponies clubs, hunter trials and inter-schools.

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In order to begin, we are a large horse sanctuary located in County Longford, we mainly save horses, with the exceptions of some cat and dog. It is our goal to revive as many horses as possible and to inform them about the responsibility of horse-keeping. Over the past year, there have been tens of millions of horses, donkeys and donkeys abandoned in Ireland's countryside without sufficient nutrition, clean drinking and sanitation, housing and primary services - resulting in hunger, desertion, disease and, in many cases, deaths.

Connemara pony, Irish Draught, famous thoroughbreds and sport horses - and of course the legendary ass on a wind-whipped moor. It' s embarrassing that in Ireland there are even accounts of horse carelessness and misuse on the front page of The New York Times. Unfortunately, the value of horses has fallen sharply - many are practically useless.

Longford, is a small group of voluntary workers whose goal is to help the hardship of starving, abandoned and maltreated horses, ponies and donkeys, as well as casual dogs, cats and goats. Information about the well-being of the horses and what we can all do to help. While we have limited funds of funds and limited amount of available space, we will, whenever possible, react to allegations of serious negligence and either help locally (food, food, etc.) or move the livestock to another area.

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