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Free horses for a good home North West

MJ' is a half-Arab half-Hackney horse. Nice, high quality western saddles for sale. These are miniature horses that are free due to drought in good apartments. In our category horses & ponies you will find free to good ads for horses.

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This is Nicky Elizabeth a partagé sa contribution. Nichky Elizabeth has added 22 new photos. Tulla Dame - 15.1hhh, 11 year old lrish filly. She is a really well labelled broodmares ( no breed registered) with a score of 15.1hhh. She is a beautiful secure and sensitive...e filly, without an evil bones in her bod.

She' s doing what she asked, and she' s adorable to be riding. In all 3 steps she works in a nice way at schools (she is not a schoolmaster, but she carries everything with her!), chops first, last or alone. Lucky to have a canter through a box and lift the other side (we timed it at 35mph!!!!!!!!:o) in its customary bridle.

She' s brilliantly able to invite, trip, shoe up ( front 2 shods hot), capture, bind, not be angry about her eating, a common box of broodmares and geldings. It' s a great way to get to know her. It'?s just generally a beautiful filly you can have.

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Horses & ponies, free to go.

She is a wonderful 16-hour female with a nice motion, she is a very light filly who can be carried around and who gets along well with all my other mares. She' s free in a good home! So please don't ask me if she's a riding or not. FREE two 16.2 hand horses (1 x mares/1 x geldings) who need a good home, preferrably together, but if not, they must go to a home with at least one other one.

The home must have equine riding skills. Contacting Annamaria on 27.08.2018Koda needs a lovely home. She is a wonderful filly and is only rehomed because of a young horses growth and she is not used or any kind of care she merits. It has an astonishing temper, it is easily shod and caught.

She' 18 years old, rideable and without a vise. Only good houses! She is a 17 year old TB filly who went into retirement without horse back riding in the last 6 years. Going to c/s/f keeps the body mass well with other horses and humans.

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