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Age, color, sex, father, mother, trainer. Browse our database for breeding, performance information and statistics. abushamas Purchased in July 2015 for Grange Park Racing and has won three racing events and has been placed several times. So far it has been the most successful race. The Adventureman is a great Gelding who was purchased by Kyllachy in July 2015 and is one of Ruth's favorite sires (Dubai Dynamo, Klynch, Foxtrot Knight).

In 2016 he won in Musselburgh and was unfortunate not to be able to finish in 2017 and took second place three time in comparison to well disabled competitors in shape.

He is a gentlemen in every way at home and won 2015 at Chester and Catterick for us, Newcastle and Catterick 2016 and Catterick, Beverley and Hamilton. It remains 1. 4f plus and was a really funny steed for its happy owner. Sadly he was injured in early 2017, but made a successful début in Newcastle in November.

In 2017 it was more difficult after such a good campaign last year, but he still won one and was placed three time. Enjoyed the fact that Pontefract won there in 2017. Purchased at the Breeze Ups in 2016. He ran four races as a two-year-old second and third.

Duke was badly injured in his first run for us in 2015 and then needed winds, but he was well received when he won Southwell in November this year. He won another three heats in 2016 before injuring himself. Returning to victory, he was placed five time in 2017.

Purchased in November 2017 by Mick Channon. Kyllachy's chestnut-brown boy who ran 12 runs for us in 2016, won one and was in the cash 5 more time. By 2017 he had risen and won another three rounds which showed a preference for clay. Dispatched for a wallpaper shift, this slightly rested 5-year-old had his troubles, but as a 2-year-old was the G3 champion.

Purchased in November 2017 to neuter, relax over the cold season and begin again as a 3-year-old. In 2018, as the winners of a Sandown Novice, Fin 2018 should only win 3-year-old disabilities. Has won 3 race in 2015 and finished second three time in 2016. Tot warmed up in Ripon in 2017 and placed a lot.

That 7-year-old gelding was sent on a wallpaper shift. July 2018. Taken over from Hamdan Al Maktoum's Shadwell facility in October 2017 after winning a first voyage in Chepstow in September. Disabled well, this handsome Pastoral Pursuits boy will hopefully be tapered by a wallpaper-shift.

July 2018. A 84 handicap valued before it was oversold for 23,000 pounds to drive in Greece in July 2017. Transmitted for a wallpaper shift. In 2016 he won the Chaplins Club Handicap at Pontefract, a racing car called after the successful Grandad driver. In 2017 Loulin had three heats as a 2-year-old before she became a gelding.

Purchased by Godolphin for £10000 in October 2015. He was a busy guy who sometimes tried our endurance, but had a lot of skills and completed 2016 22132 in five races. The hope of a shift in the training regimen leads to an improved shape. Commencing in 2014 with 55 points, he won twice a year and fourfold in 2015 with a top score of 90!

In 2016 it was a calm year for him, but in 2017 he won four heats! July 2018. Purchased from one of Ruth's favorite owners/breeders Hamdan Al Maktoum/Shadwell. That guy has shown Ed Dunlop a lot about the canter, but he still has to replicate it in the heats.

Changing his scenery and some alternative training techniques are just right for him. July 2017. Three year old in France, one champion and second in two races. Purchased from Roger Charlton's farm for 10000, who was placed in 7 of his 9 rounds as 2yo/3yo.

The neutering and a wallpaper exchange were his favor, as he came second threefold and won one in 2016. It should be a funny steed for long-time supporter of the farm "The Bottom Liners". Great year 2017 with two wins and some great race to the end, among them second place at the Great St. Wilfrid in Ripon, one of his favorite circuits.

July 2018. That guy remains and is one for the long endurance race we never have anything for. No big one, but healthy and straightforward. Mick Appleby's respectable obstacle to sprinting called for a wallpaper overhaul. Purchased 2016 from Hannons Hof.

Purchased for a group of locals motor sports fans for their first owned venue, the Venutre. Another hymen, but on most surface much placed shape. Purchased from autumn horses in training sale in Newmarket. Purchased in 2016 by Richard Hannon, brittle and slightly hurtled, but undoubtedly has skill and should be back on course in 2018.

In 2016 Shadwell acquired it as a large backward two-year-old. Sir Percy's 3 year old, unnamed and sound was given a lot of free rein by his growers. Built by Neville Chapman, owned by Newmarket Bureeze Up Sale, this 2 year old broodmare is a good racing horse that won 5 over 6f and 7f and had a score of 96.

You can' t blame him for his attitudes since we had him and won two rounds in 2015. Purchased on Newmarket in November 2017 for Ged, who initially dealt with the shipyard through a syndicate.

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