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Roxy has made the jump into the preliminary round after an excellent spring season. He would be a show horse for a professional, young rider or amateur. Both as a performance hunter and as a derby horse he has had great success. It would be a great horse for a rider who wants to become a child/adult hunter and finally a Junior/A/O hunter or Big Eq. I'm going to dress up to be an l/s type horse.

Tomball, Texas 77375 > For sale

From Grand Prix to International Derbies to Amatuer Adam Hounters, Carentino has practiced everything very well and is a lot of pleasure. Prudent steed that doesn't use splints. Placed successfully in both hunting and jumping ring. It was recently shown in 3'3-3'6 competition fighters and adults' awards.

Car and light - Very slippery with naturally pedalling to the fence and on the plain. Recently showed Green Hunter (3-3'3) this year a lot of leeway and move for much more. It' s a lot of fun. Price RIGHT and saleable! Extremely light drive, very adaptable and straight. She is courageous, supple, very good-natured, light and dependable.

She' s willing to find her next showring associate! The Rumba turns a horseman into a beautiful 3-foot horseman or even a training rider. Molly" Smart Duals Boon THE BEST ABSOLUTE ROUND FOR EVERY BAR, LESSON PROGRAMME OR FAMILY! Worked on the ranch and raised many hospitals and courses at TC RACH HORSEMANSHIP! very well!

She' s been teaching a lot of folks at TC Ranch Horsemanship and now it's and it' a good moment for her to find her own happy child! A great choice for any educational programme or for riders with a reasonable price who want to leap and have a beautiful, stable and stable ride! Very straightforward youngster! Prepared for the YOUR WAY! initiative.

Has been champion at his first tournament over the whole 2 weeks! FABULOUS JUMP and TROT! The Cobalito is a large and beautiful 8-year-old Holsteiner (Calido/Constant) horse, willing to join the Jumper and Equitation series. Nice steed to go. Simple to use and enjoy driving.

Very flat head and simple to work with! She is an outstanding first stallion and has led her owners from short stirrups through child hunters. Simple auto-lead switch, quieter jumps, pushed rides, always sees the distance and makes good progress. Now this astonishing bangs is official on the marked.

In addition to his appearance and character, which he has shown in many qualification tests, he was the victor. He' a big shot in the bangs and the bangs. It is a favourite in the shed and very simple to use at all tiers. This is the whole set and would be a great stepp-up bangs for the young aspiring horseman!

3H, nice one way. I can take a gag! THESE HORSES GET! There were also six in the Jumper Ring fighter with its owners low level fighter, with other horsemen beginners and limiting, and getting places in the first three. Sechs has also previously chased chestnut at Fuchsjagd independency in Brenham, long acre hunting in Conroe in the first box and can easily chase in a bridle and spores.

She has exhibited successfully in the Canadian and US Hunter, Jumper and Ring competitions with THIS BIG, BEUTIFUL, JONDERFUL MONEYING. He is always well placed with his nice, easily rideable motion and the judge like him! He' a cane and skid driver, but once he had his own engine.

Mr. Wonderful is bold to his railings, has a car change and will make a beautiful young show jumper or a wonderful 3'3-3'6 horseman or fighter! Well suited for an grown-up ham or a big youngster. Without any own negligence his proprietor has no spare moment to pursue his carrier and puts him up for sale.

Large, beautiful import gelding, prepared for a new show associate just in schedule for the turn of the year! He' s a freshman, and he' s up for someone to pursue his acting careers. He is a lovely 3ft with many possibilities! An uncomplicated, cheerful colt, Romey is prepared for an owners full riding skills!

Romey used to be a very good 3'3 horseman once he was through. It' simple enough for a good journey under a coach in a programme. He is a really beautiful filly who likes to run with a beautiful body and character in his vault. THAT' A BRIDGET YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS!

It was introduced to the world of equestrian sports by its young owners in 2015 and began to exhibit in 2016. It has shown in the intros A and C and is prepared for the education (placement in the 70s). She has also taken her to several Hunter Jumper shows and Maddie was always in the bands!

Madeie has beautiful gait for the dress ring and is manageable and simple enough for a Jr. climbing up in the JJ-ring. She' d also make a great showhorses! It is a beautiful stallion in an accessible high four-figure holiday price. Easily handled by kids and grown-ups on the floor and under the turn.

It has very supple gears and automatic guide changes. That bangs have no hold in her and will do anything. Last year she made crossbars and brief stirrups with her little girlfriend. A great bangs for a kid to study and love. The Belle is ideally suitable for beginner hunters up to children's show jumpers.

She' s a great bangs and has a sale price! SIMPLE ENOUGH FOR ANY JR OR ADULT AMMO. The cheer is simple and cute, young and amateurs kind, and would be great for a child to come from a bangs in a programme. Loved to please and make her horseman smile!

Be a great child chaser and have the power to become a little boy! Very easy and very automated. The Mojo is a very beautiful, big horse! This is perfect for the driver who wants to take the bands home in the hunting ring on the locally or evaluated course. He' a complete point and shot ride. No.

It was shown last year by its older grown-up owners in the changed version and is unfortunately obliged to resell it. He' s qualified to go and he' s fit for his next run! The Nikki has a perfect car exchange that is simple for everyone to drive. Ideal for a brief stirrup driver.

That great bangs won't last long. This is a very pretty horse, born in 2014. He has proved to be a multi-purpose contender in both hunting and jumping ring. He' s a great movers with a great jog and gallop, his long walk makes the Hunter line a cinch! He is always courageous in his leaps, with a striking appearance and a quiet appearance, making him the ideal contestant for the Hunter Derby Ring.

A gifted youngster, he began his US show careers with successes at AA shows both in Pre Greens and in the 1.0-1. 15 showjumper. Import 09' Hanoverian gelding, comprehensive show kilometers in the pre greens, child hunter, adult hunter and national derbies. EXECUTELY SIMPLE executely simple guidance and automated line changes. Showshowxperience of 3ft hunter with riders in between up to 1. 20 jumper with apro.

When you are looking for a funny, secure and beginner-friendly jumping mare, George is your man! Although he has shown up to 1. 20 show jumping horses, he is a great show jumping horses to show an inexperienced kid or grown-up horseman the rope in a show jumping course. Her former owners began her jumping carreer on George, she successfully participated in "AA"-shows in the . 85 show jumping horses.

Great flooring, trailer ring and simple to handle or even some cross-country jumping. When you are looking for a FABULOUS instructor with a great work morale and a great mindset, then this is your mare! Skyy has been around the arena, teaching horsemen by the 1st-10 show jumping horses he is the tense child's mature show jumping pony and knows the rope when it comes to the show ring!

In 2015 he was a l'enfant adulte faible champ d'action, 2015 GCHJA faible scolarité et enfant adultechamp. The owner has unfortunately grown out of him and Skyy is looking for his new driver! Simple enough for an advanced horseman under a coach and chic enough for a professional to call his own!

He' s up for a horseman to take him far! Are you looking for an enchanting Christmas buddy? You've come to the right place! She' s got neat car-guide changes and she' s into jumping! Peas are easily handled in the stable and under the turn. Though Duke is always a gentlemen and very simple to use.

It is the ultimative 2ft-2'6 and has very good change of leads. She has trained many children to horseback rides and was an astonishing trust-builder for all horsemen who had the joy of horseback rides and lessons from him! SHJG yearly winner in pleasures pony, short stirrup equitation and short stirrup hunter and reserve champion in Hunter Hack and 11 and below.

All over GHJA he was rank 6 in Short Stirrup Hunter. Duke-Duke is a very secure, knowledgable bangs who is willing to take his next child very far! Katze is a big fanky bangs. Her success on the locals and A-track was very good and she recently scored well at this year's ponies finals.

Cats have nice slippery aisles and car changes. It is currently number 18 in the Large Green Challenge area. Her young horsewoman has successfully reached the Great Green bangs final with a brief stapes. She' an excellent child chaser or bangs.

He knows his work very well and is prepared to take all the tapes home for his next young saddle!

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