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In search of new sales opportunities We sell horses! Gonna have a great home with other horses and a lot of participation. The budget is open, I'm willing to pay for a well-trained horse. Searched in[State]: Horses, ponies, horse trailers, horse farms, tack and more. We are looking for an old, calm horse for our children that is safe to ride and easy to walk with beginners.

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Welcome to our free area "Wanted Horses". Please describe the desired animal and it will appear here for you. We' ll give the "Horse Want" free of charge to our data base of equestrian users, Twitter and Facebook-network. Skilled horsewoman in search of her eternal equine. I am looking for a mare over 16h.

Here you can insert your horses H4H ref. number: Ripe woman looking for over 15.3hhh for loans. Skilled, well-informed home on a small farm (4 horses) with excellent off-road-hiking. Here you can insert your horses H4H ref. number: Here you can insert your horses H4H ref. number: I' m looking for a full credit near Blackthorn/Bicester or someone who is willing to take the stallion to a farm near me.

Here you can insert your horses H4H ref. number: A durable, caring and skilled home for a friendly filly, a good choice for beginners to chop oh and be a mate for my filly. Here you can insert your horses H4H ref. number: Here you can insert your horses H4H ref. number: I' m looking for a full credit to move into a farm near Bicester.

The ideal time is from 15h to 15.3hh for cheerful hacking/fun-riding. Has to be 100% sure for a beginner who needs to build trust. Here you can insert your horses H4H ref. number: I' m an amateur beginner and looking for a reasonable first bangs for a long time credit or selling.

Here you can insert your horses H4H ref. number: Perfektes horses must be good in intercourse and like to go out alone and in group. Here you can insert your horses H4H ref. number: Here you can insert your horses H4H ref. number:

warm blood

In order to fine-tune the search ads only for those who are interested in your race, use the Filter by Race buttons below. 15-20 years old retires 3. grade or higher Schoomaster. Gonna have a home for life to pension off my 28-year-old RDI equid. I' m looking for a sane, healthful stallion with whom I can conduct a lower-tier event (pre- and post-race).

I would like a stable (any sex) between 4 and 11 years old, self-assured and sincere on cnc, good exterior and willing character, min. 15hh-maximum 16. 2 hours, and preferentially less than 15 k for the sale; for a rental contract must be less than 2 k/year. Mounts needed for teenage girls switching from High Children's to Junior Jumper Division.

Medieval " shy but not inexperienced horseman and court proprietor who is looking for a low class horse stallion for training and amusementrides. Perfect for half-retired or older horses who are prepared for a workload. We have impressive young animals that can unfold confidently with a 2-year-old colt and prefer to survive without cheeks.

Lovingly, long-term home for the right stallion on an impeccable home yard. HAVE to go to Baltimore, Maryland within 3 hrs because I need my own horses and colts. Hello, my name is Ciara Myers, I'm just beginning my quest for the ace! At the moment I am a hunter as this is all our training has to offer, but next week-end I will return home (Tampa, Florida) and start training with a regional instructor.

  • It' s in the USA; preferably in Florida, if not, the nearer, the more perfect. WB or Brand-Named, ISH Wanted: He is well educated in training up to the second class. Two to seventeen paws. I am looking for a youngster from 16 hours. There is no need to train the horses highly, but a good character and good basic paces are important.

I' m experienced and willing to rider younger and (slightly) creepier horses if they are quite co-operative and courteous. All I want is a stallion that gets along with others and can be near (but not rode by) small tots. I' ve rode many different types of horses, but right now I'm on a 16.

3 hours Dutch warmblood was training up to the first class with a change of leadership, because he spent some quality training in hunters before becoming a youngster. If you have a rider you would like to rent in the Atlanta area, please do not hesitate to do so. In search of a stable that reaches at least the second stage, preferentially with changes.

Physiotherapy, 2 palms and age-appropriate education. I am looking for a 16+ handed warmness that is healthy and accurate enough for vaulting and events. In the ideal case a leasing agreement is concluded, as this is a youngster with whom she is the first serious show jumper to be able to train and has a tight budge.

Preferred are horses that are nearest to Georgia. Sex, race and colour are not important, but the equine would prefer to be recorded. Experienced mature non-professional looking for a versatile, competitive and generally enjoyable event. I am looking for a healthy, wild and forward-looking youngster with 15 to 17 arms, 5 to 12 years old.

Trainers, farriers and events on demand. Preferred are KWPN, Irish Sport Horses (no designs) and super-stellar thoroughbred horses. We' re looking for an eternal steed for our whole team. There is our own equestrian estate in Orange County with 2 stables and 2 willows. With a friendly, experienced tournament coach, we have years of riding expertise.

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