The Horses4Homes is the first internet-based horse housing complex. The Horses4Homes is the only horse charity in the UK that focuses on helping people safely rehabilitate their horses. Newest tweets from Horses4Homes (@Horses4Homes).


Ît he sake I ask you to know of a persons who has had 3 atlas of you - two of which have been put down because of neglection! I' ve got a copy of two of the ponies you've been promoting. You have to be an easy hoe with cushions - I can show you that, you have no patchwork, you chop, jump and gallop across the field for you.

But the other one had an accident, so it was a hoe again, but jumped all last year and was neglected last year. I' ve got visual and videotape proof of everything I've said to support my testimony!


The Horses4Homes is the only UK charitable organisation dedicated to help people rehabilitate their ponies in a safe way. This charitable organization offers a strong on-line registration procedure where holders can register their ponies for free. The owner answers special and detailed information about the horse's temper, condition and riding story.

Applicants are invited to submit the ponies they consider potentially suited (if necessary with the help of the Horses4Homes team) and answer a state-of-the-art on-line survey with over 30 quizzes about their experiences, the house they can make available to the ponies, the activity they wish to do, details of the ponies they currently or previously own, and arbitrators with whom the ponies can get in touch and check their standards and standards of health for the ponies' well-being.

This Elise Pilkington Trust accolade will allow Horses4Homes to sharpen its image in horse riding to motivate more horse riders to use the charitable organisation to find safe and responsible new houses for the horse that they can no longer keep due to unexpected changes in their circumstances. This ensures the well-being of many of our youngsters, who might otherwise be at danger or endangered.

It will also help to raise the number of individuals who can be assisted by equestrian specialists to find the most suitable candidate for them, leading to a long-term and pleasant relationship.

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