Manufacturers of Rambo, rhino and amigo horse blankets, horse clothing, Ice Vibe massage therapy boots and Hypocare antibacterial spray. The SmartPak is a proud carrier of HorseWare Ireland products and their famous line of horse blankets. Latest tweets from Horseware (@Horseware). Cutting-edge products that make life easier for horse and rider. You can find us on Snapchat: Horse accessories.


Horseware® Products Ltd. was founded in 1985 with the aim of producing a blanket that would not spill, perspire or slide. As a result, the Rambo Original was developed - the first fully watertight and breatheable soak. In 1996 the Rambo Turnnout became the best-selling switch carpet in the whole wide range and its designs became the industrial byword.

Horseware's core philosophy since then has been one of "innovation not imitation", which they have incorporated into their overall Horseware range. Browse our range of horse rugs, sheeting and switches to find your favourites from Rambo, Amigo, Newmarket and Rhino!

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Horsesware announced participation in trade-in voucher program - Horse Racing News

Horseware, the world's leading supplier of cutting edge riding, equitation and companion animal care solutions, is excited to announce the re-launch of its highly acclaimed turn out trade-in program in North America. Anyone in North America from October 3 to November 23 can get a $50 discount coupon on a brand-new Rambo Tournout if they return their old switch in working order.

Then the old participation is given to a charitable organisation and handed over to a needy animal. To learn more about Rambo Trade-In, download your $50 gift certificate and search for your nearest eligible traders, please go to . The Horseware company was established in 1985 in Dundalk, Ireland by Tom and Carol MacGuinness.

Years of research and manual work resulted in the creation of the legendary original model and set the benchmark for contemporary ceiling designs. Today Horseware is the world market leading manufacturer of horse riding equipment with a wide variety of increasingly sophisticated, cutting-edge and stylish horse, rider and pet accessories. Horseware designs and develops all its Horseware product lines in Dundalk, Ireland.

Your Yambo switches are still produced in Dundalk, where they have 125 employees. Horseware employs 250 staff at its two plants in China, 80 in Cambodia and 36 in the USA. At Horseware we believe that "because we make, we innovate" and through our innovations we strive to change the life of you, your horse and your pet.

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