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Horseware Clearance Clearance Horseware Carpets Accessories One of the biggest horse riding shops in Ireland, we have a wide selection of top riding equipment both in our shop and on line. We have everything from high-quality riding fashion to horse supplements in our warehouse. Right from the start, our main goal has been to deliver high value for money goods while providing a first rate level of customer care.

Our committed and highly skilled workforce selects and stores the latest brand names and offers them at the best prices. It is open six times a week from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 - 18.00 and on Sundays from 12.00 - 17.00. We have an on-line website available 24/7.

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The Horseware is a very well-known equestrian sports label. HRSEWARE Ireland is known as the trademark that was established in Dundalk Ireland in 1985. THroughout month of research and had sewn rug perto styles, the Rambo original rug, yes the original one, yes the verdant one with scarlet cover, (we've all had one!) was induced your hard work and endurance to make a rug that did not lick or slide laterally and did not let the horse perspire, eventually pushing it through the tough times to make the first fully watertight and breathable soft rug on the open air markets.

Horseware has been growing drastically from this date until today. Now Horseware offers a wide selection of carpets for every steed and every steedholder. Horseware's pioneering attitude is helping us all as equestrian breeders to give our riders the best possible defense against the different kinds of weather we are experiencing through the seasonal calendar.

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