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Customized Gift Horse Rider Gift Horse Gift Horse Art Wall Prints Wall Art Wall Decor Personalized Gift Wall Art Prints. Custom horse pendant key ring, charm, personalized gift, key ring, initial key ring, horse gift, horse lover, horses, gift for them. We offer engravable jewellery, name tags and signage, as well as western home decor, horse-related holiday ornaments and horse gifts for a more personal touch. One can lead a horse to water - but I prefer Tequila Mini Tray. One can lead a horse to water - but I prefer tequila stainless steel bottles.

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Twelve Horsey Gifts for every budget

It' a good idea to take your horse's handkerchiefs and its covers out of stock. There is no question about it, winters are just around the corner and Christmas is just around the corner. Forget it. You can snuggle up a gourd seasoning batten, snuggle up with your favourite rug and look at some gifts we've chosen for the other equestrian enthusiasts in your world.

Greet your patrons at home or in the barns with a ceremonial horsehair handcrafted in the United States. This luxuriant garland is a split from conventional garlands and consists of leaves, greens, glitterers, fir cone, hollies and comes with a large band. There' s also a luxury crown with more decorations and a fringing band, and an optional two luxury crowns that face each other (photo left).

Every individual ring is 2½ x 2½ foot. Normal crown is $68, luxury is $89, doubles are $174; Joy Jewelers' shiny Diamond Horse Necklace shows two steeds in contact with their nose and heart-shaped neck. This necklace made of starlingsilver is 18 inch long and is closed with a lock with a lock with a spring washers.

These necklaces are part of the company's ASPCA Tender Voice jewellery collections and every chain you buy will benefit the ASPCA. Snaks Christmas Snaks Avenchew' Christmas collections are a delicious and celebratory treat for your horses. It concentrates on the production of allergen-free delicacies that contain no aggressive or irritant ingredients.

In the Snaks Christmas range, the seasonal products are flours, treacle, sugar powder and spices, and every titbit prepared with Snaks Fifth Avenchew is handcrafted in the United States. Every tidbit in this tidbit pack is about 3 inch long, and there are six vacation themes snaks per order. You can be the conversation of the stable this Christmas time with a hand-painted portrait stable sign from Moxie Designs.

Furthermore, your mare can be drawn in any position or event, with both portrait and full-length portrait painting available with or without stapling. This 1 inch broad waistbelt has a metallic clasp and five 2 inch gap openings so it can be worn at the hip or hip. Small (23-31 inches), mid (28-37 inches) and large (34-43 inches); $64;

The Song of the Cardinal is part of the Trail of Painted Ponies exhibition and shows the work of the painter Laurie Cook. This adornment was influenced by a wintry day in the middle of the year when the painter looked out of her windows and saw two cardnels sing on a snow-covered periwinkleree.

The charming landscape is continued on both sides of the adorn. This 3. 3 inch breeding animal is hand-painted by skilled craftsmen. Equestrian Gift Pack by Equestrian Around contains a 0.5 oz sampler of each of the company's four Castilian Saddlesoaps as well as a 4 oz oat and honey handsoap and a 2 oz Helm refreshing sponge-like, pure fragrance in a 2 oz canister.

Handsoap is non-toxic and 1 x 3 x 2.5 inch. Gifts package comes in a stylish cardboard packaging; $15; Stirrups Clothing Company's The Home Is Where My Horse is shirt is a warm present for every equestrian on your party favour. On the back of the T-shirt is the silkscreen print "Home Is Where My Horse Is", and the front of the T-shirt shows the Equestrian Prep Collection? emblem on the bag.

Each design in this range is preprinted on pre-shrunk 100% Comfort Colors bag T-pieces in lightweight cottons. For unisex small, middle, large and x-large sleeves; $30 for shorts and $34 for long sleeves; Manufactured from purely organic raw materials, Brittany's Bran Mash is a great way to keep your horses warmed up this year.

It is ideal to use as a delicacy or as an incidental supplement to your horse's food. Sacks of 32 ounces or 48 ounces are available. Premier Home and Gifts washing-machine proof wine jars from the company of Premier Home and Gifts are an stylish gift for every grown-up rider in your world. The jars are delivered in groups of four with the same designs of two ponies and a series of cathedrals together with the individual engravings on each jar.

The Therminator Kerrits® breeches help in poor weathers. Shampooable; colours are Graphit, Beion or Schwarz; small, middle, large and x-large; $119; Toes Glitter Hof Polanski is a funny Christmas present for equestrian celebrities of all age. Use the integrated paintbrush to put Twinkle Toes on your horse's neat, smooth, dry hoofs or on the boot's stain.

The original edition of this paper was published in the November 2016 edition of Practical Horseman.

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