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Childrens Horsey Gifts

Kids pony gifts, toys & riding clothes for boys. When you know a little boy who's crazy about horses, check out our selection of horse gifts for boys, including toys and riding accessories and clothing. Purchase horse gifts for men, women and children online at Horse in the Box store.

children's barn diily shedule (April 1, 2018 - November 4, 2018)

Kid's Barns is an active institution with hands-on training that is sure to attract the interest of all guests. The children have the chance to help our kind employees with horse care, go on a treasure hunt and leap their own railings in the "Champion's Arena" right next to the shed.

Children as well as grown-ups can inform themselves about the fundamentals of the horse and its maintenance. Kids Barne acitivities are inclusive in the price and ensure that the little ones and the young at hearts content and amused themselves. HOMEMADE TOURS OF THE CHILDREN'S BARN: In addition to the planned sightseeing tours in the children's shed, it is also open every day for exploring the area.

Each day, two of the stables accommodate a different kind of horses or ponies, while all the other stables have been transformed into educational centres with different display units to introduce our visitors to the equestrian world. You can use our life-size diagrams and patterns to view the horse's external shape, skeletal system and muscle structures.

Children can also indulge in some riddles with saddle race themes and colour pages. Find out more about all the funny job opportunities available to equestrian-lovers! It contains information about everything from the dentist to the photographer. The stable is the home of a stable, and one of the most important facets of the equestrian art is to teach how to make it a secure and convenient place.

You will be taught about a wide range of races from all over the world and the tasks for which they are born. Teach the fundamentals of equine feeding and digesting. Find out all about the different kinds of food and how they help to keep your pet sane. It shows the fundamental security rules that must be followed both when dealing with animals and when equestrianising.

Our collections are impressing, many of which are modelled on genuine equines, renowned in their own profession. Have a look at samples of all possible fur colours and the different marks that make each individual animal so special. When you have not had the opportunity to participate in our Groom and Shaine presentations every day, or if you simply want to know more about it, please come to this centre to see samples of the right care sets and all the equipment we need to make our stallions bright.

You' ll get the feeling of seeing a real animal in a pendant! Find out everything about the transportation of stallions and the safety of trailers. Help for the pony and herd! Having played all morning in their paddock, these dust jackets need a great deal of work to get them shiny again.

We will show you the different care products, their use and the technique to care for a stable-horses. As soon as our employees have shown you how to use it, it's your turn to try it! A great practical exercise for children of all ages. More activities throughout the day:

Photocopies of our treasure hunts are available daily on both sides of the shed. Directly in front of the children's shed is the "Champion's Arena", a dedicated area in which the children can find a little more excitement on walking along a mini-jump course (jumps sponsored by Jump4Joy).

Classes are post ings and changes are made on a regular basis, but children do not necessarily have to skip the post. The fencing can be adjusted to the level where your baby feels at ease when he or she is jumps. As a rule, the stables are replaced every single workday. You will always find information about the stables about the stallion or bangs of the particular date and the story of their race.

There is a large number of ponies we would like to have so that our visitors can see different races and every single day when they participate in our Groom and Shine demonstrations they can groom a different one.

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