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Toulouse Roeckl Winter Teenager riding glove. Twenty-seven items to make the dreams of horse girls come alive. Filly earring with which you can take a stallion anywhere - without the whinny. To keep the hours until you can stroke another fring. You can also buy a cushion for a few lifelike spoons.

Some showhorses tattoos to be shared with a boyfriend who is not a real one.

A charming handknitted equestrian adornment in either grey or dark grey. A colouring handbook for adults with which you can design your dream equestrian. This is a set of three different design equestrian stocking. This bizarre T-shirt with printed equestrian pattern looks very stylish and draped with your jeanskirts.

And / or a nice gown in the same printing. This is a nice pressure that shows that horses are extremely kind while they are alone *or* with a BFF. Noodle roll to whip some biscuits after riding. It' a cowboy gown in which you can make a living on or off a cow. This is a wallmirror that makes you a great onion.

Ik genuine ponies are much more than $240. 27. A luxurious Chloé saddle bag that you should leave NOW close to a genuine horsemil.

Equestrian wear | Thehorsediva's Blog

We had a hard working year at The Horse Diva, which was great, because we are excited that you love our new products as much as we do! When you are looking for a horse present, some of our bestsellers below might give you a little idea of what to buy.

There is also a large selection of gear on our website and in our Ebay shops, so if you need gear for your horses, take a look at our on-line shops. Rider jewelry was very much in demand in July, although the Sparkly Hoof necklace is still our best-selling necklace, but we think the New Happy Hack necklace will soon gain the upper hand!

While the warmth is continuing, the ladies' Poloshirts are still selling well and are a great present for £19.95. Many of you seem to be having some great ponies in the great outdoors, and we are extending this offer, so keep an eye out for our new articles for the next seven outings. The Bentley Brushware is still selling well (I assume your horse is having a lot of dust on the field!) and this month's most beloved care set in the Market.

Many of you have also used our funny greeting card and our packaging services to ship your gifts directly to the recipients. In July we also added new collections of cool cool horsesocks, bionics and the breathtaking riding jewelry from the Gallop Collection to our range.

But before we start our plan for the years to come, it's certainly the right moment to look back on the best-selling gifts for horses at The Horses Diva in June. Glove sales have been really good this months, the most favourite Carrots UK designs being the velvety sparkling equestrian glove for woman. Newly launched and also due to the warm climate, HY5 light ladies' on horseback are also very much appreciated and are available for only £12.00.

We' ve almost completely resold the Ravensdale Kids Ride Mitts for kids, but don't you have to be worried, there are more to come, so just send us an e-mail if you want to be informed when they're back in town! The Bentley Grooming Kit in Pink has been selling well to the farm.

It' a great present and also great useful for summers shows by the sweet little boxes it comes in! The Hooftorch was very much loved for something completely different, with great reviews - an original present under £10. $00 for the equestrian who has everything. At last our assortment of bags was very much appreciated this year.

There''s something for every taste and every price, with equine shopping bag and the new and immediately acclaimed Milly Green line with cosmetics and toiletries pack. A Gorgeous glove for Gorgeous Girls! This is a great gift for all ages. Our collection is based on beautiful but functional design and we are happy to test the glove.

These are just some of our beautiful new glove on the markets and our favorites for a little present for horses! Children's HY5 everyday ride glove - Available in three colours, these children's ride glove are new to the range and ideal for daily use in all sports.

Womens HY5 Ladies Reithandschuhe - Perfect for the summermonth these ladies mittens are perfect for the daily routine and prevent that your hand gets too warm in sunshine!

One of my favorite things, I use these mittens for daily use - for training, chopping etc. and they are so comfortable and different from the standard. New Ravensdale Children's Horseriding gloves - New glove on the Ravensdale Children's Horseriding Glove range, these adorable children's ride quality glove are great for little horsemen and a good deal for £6.95.

Keep in mind many more are on our website uk as well as many bridle hoods and bridle stocking to make your equine present for a beloved person. You can' t afford to lose your fortune with them! That is why we try to keep our rates as competetive as possible so that you can still give your beloved ones a nice present.

Check out our 10 under 10 horsey gifts for a little bit of encouragement when buying on a budget. If you are looking for a new gift, please contact us. Childrens Farm Gift Box - 9.99 - 99 pounds of sweet-smelling foam gel and a little bit of luxurious toiletries for all ages. The Horsey Memo Board - 9.99 - great for riding at home or on the farm to pen all "to do" list.

The No Polos Yet Horses Mug - 9.99 - one of our best-selling gifts, beloved by equestrianists. The Pink Child's Horses Grooming Kit - 8.95 - the great gift for a little person who is fortunate enough to have their own bangs. The Gone Riding Door Hanger - 8.95 - another bestseller that' s great for all ages.

Lightweight Flash Fit Horses Fit T-Shirt - 7.95 - perfect for young teenagers, this top is perfect for the garden or wearing with jeans / thongs. I' d rather be ridin' shopper bags - 6. 95 - Great for teenagers and grown-ups this useful handbag is a pretty handy present for a horseman.

Horseriding skipping rope - 8. 50 - perfectly entertaining to keep the little one, if not at the yard. Our best-selling product, the Karrots Ecuestrian Ladies Gloves are designed for teenagers, grown-ups and kids from 10 years and fit a multitude of different handsizes.

Featuring reinforced leathers on finger and thumbs, these mittens offer superior reins traction and strength. Proven and proven we adore these gauntlets and the large selection of styles means that there is a suitable couple for every teenage age. We horse ladies like to look classy when we' re horse backpacking, and these hooded sweaters go well with fashionista's who like to have a little time.

Ideal with iodine for horseback rides or with denim and legging to clean out, another bestseller for the teens' horseriding aficionado. All teenagers love to be enchanted, but who doesn't when you as a rider are spending so much fucking hard shit to pick and sweat in the iodine!

Loving horses can even be part of your teenagers' programme, with our nice laundry sacks and bathing and personal care products. The Bentley care sets are a great gift for teenagers who are fortunate enough to have their own horses or rentalers. Light and pretty and practical, our large selection of styles allows you to choose the favorite color of your teenager to go with their other riding outfit.

We purchased our horses diva soumer styles last weekend and since then we have extended our children's ride offer as well.

A lot of styles are just 7. 95 each such a good deal horsey present for a little bum bum. We' also like the new line of embroidery equestrian apparel - these two cookie and cross country hooded sweaters are ideal for kids who keep their hands under cover while they ride.

We have also put together a funny, contemporary assortment for older kids and younger teenagers, which we trust you will enjoy as much as we do! Select from the Horsecrazy Polo-Shirt and Hoody or the Flash-T-Shirt and the matching Zip-Top. We also have suitable hats, mittens and stockings for all our rider clothes - just have a look at our website for our top-prices.

And, if you' d like more tips, please don't forget to send us an e-mail - we'll be glad to help you put together your own Horse Diva outfit.

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