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No matter if you are jumping regularly or just want to do pole work, this volume has a lot to it. After doing many of these with my own ponies and recommending them to my own ponies to try out, the training is more concentrated, more successful and more enjoyable. In the same size as the one described above, this guide aims to work on your horse's flat work - each of the drills John suggests is easily comprehensible, regardless of your ability to work.

There is a lot to be learned - many of the drills you may not have tried yet. Don't miss the latest edition of Your Horse Magazine, full of workout and vet recommendations, equine grooming and the latest equine equipment now available in stores. Here we show you our favorite horses textbooks, which have recently been published.

We have put together a list of the best gifts we would like to get from the Your Horses offices to help you make your decision. Your Horse's staff selects the best Christmas gifts for even the choosiest riders. They can help troubled ponies when they get their Christmas card this year thanks to this small amount.....

Pony Club has released a series of Christmas gifts, perfect for horsemen of all age! It discusses how the mind can process information and how these customs can be changed. This is our top selection of books for equestrian enthusiasts or for those who are simply looking for a great present for a horseman or a member of the whole team.

You can use this great handbag as a grocery store case, bay case, sports case, sandal case or bathing suit. Ideal for families trips to the beaches or bangs and ponies-clubs! It is a classy and handy case and would be a great present for every equestrian aficionado! Women┬╣s Snug Glilet uses the classical Snug Blouson stencil and adjusts it to a waistcoat, making it the ideal central position for any driver.

These are the ideal boot for your favorite denim. It says in Sophie' s hand on the inside edge of it. The cup shows prancing and bouncing ponies with the writing "Hold Your Horses" in Sophie's hand. Could you ever have enough care supplies?

Do you need a horsebook for this week? We' ve looked through 5 great reading examples so you can put your little pony in order without getting off the couch. You can get your horses in a hurry without getting out of the couch by rolling yourself up with a great text. You will find five great readings about horses - a mixture of fantasy, practice and even memoirs - ideal as a gift or simply as a delicacy!

A simple encyclopedia for equestrian users and equestrian users on the behavior of horses. It describes how you can comprehend your horse's physical expression and its importance for developing a relationship with your own horses. This is a fun, simple and lifelike novel about a non-horse adolescent who makes friends with an old bangs where she can learn all about horses.

This is a treasured work of art with great pictures and a clear layout. This may not be very detailed on a particular subject, but it provides a good survey of the horse's physique, races, history of the horse and its care. If you are considering raising a filly or have your own offspring, this volume is simple to read as it is divided into small chapters.

It is difficult to put down this notebook once you start to read it! Michael's editorial career and everything he knows about horse and hunt is really amazing. He will guide you through the story by story text. For Valentine's Eve, we've put together a collection of great gifts to help you get inspired.

With a Leroy and Bongo planner, you can optimally schedule 2017 for yourself and your horses. Includes simple designed paragraphs for all information about your horses and where you can write down every blacksmith, dental practitioner or veterinarian visit. There is a choice of boots, saddles or horseshoes in massive stereo silvery with classical Thelwell-style.

You' ll see a bigger seatbelt, a broader leg on the boots and the shape of the shoe, all fitted with Thelwell keys that make them something really unique. All of these collars are suitable for equestrian enthusiasts of all age. Featuring over 25,000 items, many of which are new for the coming winter months, you're spoiled for choices and you're sure to find a few must haves for you and your horses.

If you are a tweedy lover everywhere, you will want to get your hand on the Timothy Foxx Galoping Horsetops.

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