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In Essex you will find a local horse farm for rent of horses and ponies. The largest and best horse website in Australia. Watch HorseYard sharing the video of Happiness Heroes. Pamela and her horses sponsored. Astonishing results so that your horse always looks fabulous.

Horses for sale - horses & ponies, rehab loans and sale in Essex

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If your horse's farm is quarantined, what should you do? Your Horse Magazine

XLVets Equine president Mark Tabachnik gives some tips on what to do if the horses on your farm become victims of an illness. Hygienic hygiene includes the transport of persons, means of transport, tools and horses. Humans can take infection to and from the farm with their clothing and shoes, so it is important to wash and sanitize the shoes before use.

Attempt not to go to another farm without exchanging your clothing and hand wash. Rolling stock should not be taken into the courtyard and the parking lot should be removed from the place where horses are kept to avoid both humans and their automobiles causing illness. Quarantined farms are a depression for every equine rider, especially in summers when you want to travel on your own horses.

Inside the farm itself, it is best to group horses into separated flocks during insulation. The horses that were ill or showed symptoms of illness should be accommodated together, away from the remainder of the farm. They' re the ones who'll get rid of the sickness. It should only be operated by a restricted number of persons, have its own special gear and this gear should not reach the remainder of the farm.

You may have been stalled next to a stallion from the group, divided a box or traveled together. Due to the time it takes to incubate the illness, it may take 10 to 14 weeks for you to know whether these horses are affected or not. Again, they should only be managed by someone who is not attending the yellow and red horses, or be managed first before that someone is attending the higher ranking horses.

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