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Soft blankets are the keys to preserving your horse's good condition in bad winters. Having a sound stallion needs as much participation and as much outdoor space as possible. A lot of equestrians are caught between warming their own animals and a lot of movement. If your stallion wears the right clothes, he can have a good casting season and you can rest and know that he is outfitted.

Except in hazardous or extremely bad conditions, the best way to keep your horses in good physical and mental health is to participate every day. And when the heat sinks, put in an additional soft cover and keep him hot while he is enjoying his grazing years. Horze's range of soft ceilings extends from light, thinly lined to our extremely hard-wearing soft ceilings for sub-zero degrees and strong winds.

The natural way to protect your equine from the weather, and while carrying the right soft cover, your equine has an extra level of riding comforts. High-grade blankets are equipped with thick seams, hardwearing, weather-proof fabrics, robust equipment and additional tailgates and hoods or headgear. Switch plates are the ideal way to pass from the end of winters to the beginning of springs when a heavier ceiling is too much.

Select a light soft cloth to keep the cold away during the cold winter or fall time. When horses are superheated under a thick soft cover, their chances of perspiring and getting a cold increase. When he feels unpleasant, the advantages of voter participation are balanced by the chances of disease or personal injuries.

A light switch plate provides the protection coating in the event of fluctuations in temperatures without the additional mass of a heavy switch surface. The Horze range includes many different types of switch plates with or without soft padding.

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