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It' s hard to order some things online, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I'm so excited to take a chance on this bridle! Bridle Horze Venice | Horze High-grade bridle made of cowhide with lightning and decorative seams. This gorgeous Horze Venice bridle with top, front and nose seams shows that less is more when it comes to showing off your horses. It is the seam that gives the edge of the leathers a noble look. The scale is equipped with a flashing head and a softly cushioned nose strap for an exceptionally snug seat.

Lovely silvery high-grade hinges bang against the smooth surface. Contains calf bridles with stopper. 100 per cent leathers Not to be saturated with non leathers, either in the form of soap or detergent. You can also use cleaning and care products to preserve the quality and durability of the leathers. The upholstery is extremly smooth.

and the noseband was a little too big for my vault. It' s my favorite! I' ve got this bridle in red and I like the contrasting seams. It has a vintage look - it's well made and softer! I have a "thick" forehead, so the "horse" height is rather small at the throat and close to the headband - but when I order warm blood, it is usually too spacious.

That'?s a great sized one. I have been my day-to-day student for 8 month now and I am really glad about it. I' ve been waiting to finish this report to see how this bridle kept up to wearing - I've had it now since mid-October 2016, about 3 than.

When I took it out of its box I was a little distrustful of the bridle - it seemed to me like a "plasticky" border line, but I liked its appearance, so I went ahead and gave it a hit. It is used everywhere from 3-5 time per weeks and I wash it with Higher Standards After use.

On the whole, the scale loses much, if any, of the "plasticky" feeling during use and is quite smooth. Even the seam is still beautiful and light. The size of the throat was very large, and the remainder of the size was what I had hoped for in a horse-sized bridle.

Lovin' the bridle! Amazing value for money! I' m sure my new bridle will make my Balomino filly look good! I' ve just taken this bridle out of the box and I already like it so much. The first priority is our commitment to the highest quality. It' a really good bridle for the cost! I' d have thought it'd be over $100 if someone else had it on their horses.

I will never have to take the trouble to bust in the bridle, because it's like it's already in! This bridle I would definitely suggest to everyone! Located this nice bridle on Horze Equestrian for a present! Notice a great qualitiy bridle at a marvelous cost.

It' suede feels comfortable, smooth and very classy. Beautiful looking bridle with comfortable headband and nose strap. And I would suggest it to a friend. I really liked this bridle on a friend spony, so I ordered a butt-sized bridle for my new woodruff.

I like the leathers and the rein! Amazon Bridle, poor shelf life. Recently I got this bridle, and I thought it was great. Extremely high-quality and softly cushioned nappa leathers, pleasant for the gall. Buying it a months ago, I am very frustrated because it looks like a great bridle but is not impressive in terms of shelf life.

Disadvantages: Not long-lasting, perfect bridle; huge nose band! Lovin' this bridle. It is so smooth suede, and the seams are stylish without all the fantasy seams. In the end, I had to cut eight more hole to keep it from flying around her face, and I haven't found a way to get rid of the surplus leathers that won't go with the goalkeepers if they do.

They are very flexible, but the strokes are small and I will most likely use a different set of drawstrings. All in all a great scale. On horseback it looks very noble and for such a low cost the quality is unrivalled. It was very exciting to see this bridle because the prices were amazing.

We had better than anticipated qualities. And it was smooth and the colour was just great. I' ve got to give the bridle back and keep looking for another one. The bridle is fantastic, I am very particular when it comes to bridle, because my filly is difficult to adjust, but this bridle is a good match for her and doesn't make any tough traces on her nostrils.

It is very smooth, would not have expected this from a very costly high-end bridle for one at this cost. This is the place to be if you are looking for an eye-catching, high-quality bridle. I' d strongly advise anyone to use this bridle. Nice, smooth skin! Buying this bridle in a bay butt!

It was very smooth and smooth! Loving the monocrown. You can compare the scale with the upper bridle. I' ve used this bridle for a 16 handed petite bt that definitely has a butt face. For the $11 more this bridle costs I also purchased the 1ormont bridle for school and it is wayyyyy better qualitiy and definitely shows more worth!

Superbly smooth grain leathers! That'?s what I ordered in the deep bay butt. Coming out of the speaker extremely smooth and smooth! Beautiful qualitiy, similar to much more expensive fences. Loving that monocrowning. So I ordered this to be a show bridle and the Iormont bridle to be an education.

I wish I had ordered two of these lols for the cost differential! The only thing I complain about is that the height of the saddle seems to be larger than most of the others. It is very smooth with a lot of upholstery. This headband came a little squashed and it still looks a little fun because of the creases that have been made by the shipment. I like it!!! I like this bridle, but most importantly, my horses loves it too...the upholstery makes it very comfy for the horse...and it looks great...it seems to be well made...definitely good qualitiy for the price...you can't go bad with this bridle.....

So I was a little reluctant to buy this bridle because I sometimes have a little trouble attaching the neck band to my girlfriend. She has a good sized hide, the skin is very smooth and smooth. Oh, I loved this bridle! I was looking for a dark red bridle to go with my seat with buckle, no hooks, inclusive letherong, monocrown.

And beautiful accents and a great look. It' great for the costs of the bridle. Could buy a second one for a show fence! Recently I bought the Venice bridle in tan for my PCB x TB. I' m very much struck by the qualities and smoothness of the leathers.

It was not necessary to lubricate the bridle before use. It usually carries a flask sizing which is the one I have ordered, but I find a little on the small one. Now I wish I had chosen the full sized one because all the clasps are on the last gap and it could have a little more room, but that's not enough room to puncture an additional gap on the belts.

And last but not least, the reins that come with the bridle are just as beautiful as the other bridle and I am very happy that they are made of smooth hide and not just made of a natural elastic handle, as is common now. You know, I really did love those tacks.

This bridle I received less than a month after the shipping date (purchased from Jeffers Pet Supply for cheap and in the right size) and it was so sleek that I could use it immediately. The full sized lightning is, however, so large that it could be fitted into a design.

They' re smooth, but pretty slick. Since they are not plaited if your mare is pulling and you do not have mittens, you cannot grip or put them on. Monocrone is well made (but it is very broad, so if you had a big saddle with a thin crown, it might look strange), but part of the cushioning comes off because the seams were not sufficiently near the side of the pad.

If the seams are too dark, the seams may get darker over the years. But it looks really beautiful, it's great to show. I' ve not had this long enough for good enough for good after a while, so I'll announce another thing in a few month. This is a really clever bridle with a comfortable headstall, very smooth cushioning, generously sized headband and overall good overall qualitiy, outstanding price-performance ratio.

Smooth grain leathers with an exquisite feel. Beautiful, classical bridle. When I read all the good criticisms about this bridle, I thought I'd try it. Everybody said it got big, so I got the Cob for my mare. It is very smooth to the touch! It was very unfortunate that it didn't go with my mare.

You didn't have the height of the stallion in storage, so I had to give it back. I' ve got this bridle in tan and noir. It' s a great bridle - smooth, flexible and smooth as well. There is some kind of cause why the bridle is a little rough, so I chose to conditioning it before use.

While I wasn't too liberally with the conditioning at all, I had great difficulty getting the rein back through the straps - the skin became so flexible that it wasn't rigid at all, and it twisted VERY well. Actually I had to pull out the loop leathers to get the rein back through the loop.

In other words, overall, this is a great bridle, and if I have problems, I'll just get another bunch of rein. This bridle I purchased during one of the big Horze-shows. I' d been reading other Horze review of leathers that were all good, so he chose to try it.

I' ve got a "Show" bridle (KL Select) and the qualitiy of this bridle is just as high! I used to buy cheaper (

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