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Hoorze Rover Field Big Boots

Choose these handy high boots at an affordable cost with the look of genuine skin. Imitation leathers like these have a lot of elasticity and quickly crack without the stiffness of other non-Leather boots. The boots are inexpensive, but have the feeling of genuine leathers and the beautiful logos detail and the smooth gum soles give them many particularities.

Drying with a smooth, neat hand cloth. I have purchased these boots to show off, but I just can't help but wear them at home! They are very comfy on the calves and the buckskin handles are very good. My inner bone was fading quite fast, but no problem for me and the soles just burst, but definitely ordered my second set!

I' m too carefree with my boots, so it's great to do anything if I forgot to take them off after riding. They were a great size, considering that I have so long feet, but thin thighs, it didn't take long before they were comfy and light to handle.

It was a great size because I had such a fun shaped legs (long but thin), usually very difficult to find boots that fitted well, but they were great and didn't take much to crack as such. But that didn't disturb me, a great price-performance ratio and I just ordered my second team!

Some boots! Lovin' those boots. First I bought them because I wanted a set of high boots, but I wasn't sure if I would use them for pointing, so I didn't want to buy an army and a legs for a set of more pricey boots. But I still wanted a high class set of boots, so I chose this one.

I' ve been driving in my car almost every day for about a year and they've done a fantastic job. Buckskin on the inside has some grip and will help to keep the legs in place. The only discomfort I have is that they're really not that comfy, I have a set of boots that are much more comfy for my legs, but I didn't anticipate anything too extravagant as these boots are less expensive.

It is also important to keep in mind that when you are walking in muddy waters, which is about an incher deep, your legs get damp because it is buckskin on the inside of these boots. All in all I am very happy with these boots and I commend them to all my buddies who want to buy a set of high boots but don't want to pay much for them.

I have had these boots for almost three years and they are still in very good shape! I' m riding in these boots for about 3 hours every time. They've never caused me any problems. Awesome boots for the moneys! At last a set of boots that are so smooth and subtl!

I have had an operation on my ankles, so fight to get into most high riding boots, as many have no giving on the ankles, although they are adapted boots, they are so subtile and do not cause unease on my ankles! They' re comfy, discreet and very clever and don't look cheaper at all what the prize was all about!

Thank you for your boots! They are beautiful boots, very hard-wearing and very elastic. My calf is 37 " and I purchased the boots in veal regularly, although the normal calf is 35 ". The boots are a perfect match, that was a good decision. Although, I have quite small knuckles, it likened my calf-size, and the bits where your knuckles are quite large!

I' ve had some poor bubbles after they rubbed themselves into my knuckles, but I thought that was to be anticipated, after all they're boots and they'd always take a few burglaries. All in all some great boots! I' ve been loving these boots since the moment I took them out of the case.

But I think I can go up a 1/2 height in the feet for my next couple, but only because I want to use fatter stockings in winters. The haptics of the materials on the whole boots I like. The only thing I have to say is that you are measuring your calves with your trousers and stockings, because these are tailor-made!

On the first morning I was wearing these boots, I started in a 1. 40 meter show jumping test at Hass. They are made of buckskin on the inside of the legs and are made of smooth leath. You have been extremly comfy, have not rubbed my legs and the buckskin has a good handle!

Those boots are incredible! The boots are so comfortable and I couldn't advise them enough! It would be great if they were in a big..... but overall these boots so much more! Loving these boots, they are very intelligent and extreme smooth, they come a little too high on me (5ft 4), but because it's so smooth I can get away with it.

I' ve tried on several high boots for pleasure/cross-country skiing/jumping/hiking. No one was immediately extremly comfy until I found them at Equine Affaire in Ohio. The look and the haptics of the boots are what I like. It has an extreme comfort level, which is what I was looking for.

It was so smooth and supple that it felt like I was holding it. It' very expensive-looking, gentle on my pocketbook, very convenient. Lovin' those boots! If you have a good set of high boots, your wardrobe can look nice and slick. High boots are a must for some contests. These are some things to consider when purchasing a high heels.

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