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Practice Rugs & Quarter Sheets for Horse Quartersheets keep your horse's back hot while you are riding in cool conditions. In cool weathers, apply a thin, hot plate to your saddle and keep your horse's lumbar and back protected from the weathers. Quadrant plates are conceived in such a way that they allow mobility in the shoulders and at the same time maintain the heat in the entire lumbar and back area.

You can choose from a wide range of designs and materials such as fleeces with lining and water-repellent or light wools and fleeces. Rugs provide extra cover in harsh conditions and are equipped with a cut-out for the seat. Covering the shoulders, this rug can be worn with a cowl for even more heat.

For lungeing or on a warm walking bike, a walking rug is intended to cover the entire torso while enabling the shoulder to move about. Quadrant plates allow you to horseback riding at any temp. while at the same time providing your horses with the same level of riding safety.

Pony Horze Fleece Carpet | Horze

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