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delivery free of charge for all orders in Great Britain. How do you feel about Horze? The Horze Group is a global equestrian equipment company dedicated to improving the lives of riders and their horses. Complimentary delivery on all orders in the UK for a limited time! Crescendo Horze Jara ladies quilted vest.

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The Horze are very favourite for Matchy-Matchy, saddle pads, wraps and crocheted towels to help you set yourself apart from your money. Leatherwork exudes a sense of exquisite workmanship, the Horze bridle is from the first minute super smooth and malleable. You' ll find it hard to withstand the Horze's wide selection of top-notch leatherwork.

Equestrian Equipment, Riding Clothing & Clearing

Founded in 1980, Ride-away is the core of the equitation world. The 15,000 sqm supermarket in York is a one-stop-shop for all your needs around equitation. Qualified staff are available to provide free and professionally equipped equine footwear, personal protection and beanies.

We are known for our wide choice of equitation clothes and equitation gear. We are a one-stop-shop for beginner to advanced rider. Have a look at our offer of equine gear, incl. blankets, jackets and numbers. If you are a lucky chipper or an expert competition rider, we have everything your horses needs for the sport of your choice, from saddles to bridles and leash.

There is a large selection of countryside and bridle wear that you can buy from major equitation labels. We have everything from breeches and long ridingboots to two piece sweaters and ride jerseys, whether it's a national event or a show.

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It took 6 working nights to tell me that 2 of the 3 ordered articles were no longer available, within 10 minutes after this e-mail I canceled the entire order. 1 sampler. i tag later i was informed that this could not be done as the item got ready for shipping. then 2 jours later i got proof of shipment order. this has not only wasted my case in turning back the 1 Item, but costs you for porto both ways. why can you not annul an order before dispatch? why not give customer choices to proceed or annul if mass of items was not available? only affirmative returns system seems simple but waits to see if reimbursement on next message is appear.

To be fair, the website is warning about it. Just over four and a half-day. I am, however, struck by the rapidity of the shipment, as it arrives on schedule. Fast order shipment. Immediate shipping and no trouble if the article needs to be sent back.

Horze will use our great services and an outstanding rate, with every move you make via e-mail and very quick deliver. Great Horze website, all Horze items loved, great qualitiy and very great, great shipping and returns, always have great deals and sell!

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