How many Pounds of hay does a Horse Eat

What pound of hay does a Horse Eat make?

Then you can calculate exactly how many pounds of hay your horse should receive. hay how much do horse feed? Recently we have bought a farmyard and will accommodate our two district ponies in cold weather. Travelling ponies that are not horsed in winters. As I have always been on board my horse, I am not sure how to guess how much hay I will need for the cold season.

During rearing, an adult horse consumes between 2 and 2.5% of its body weight in fodder (hay and cereals) every single day. However, the amount of fodder consumed by an animal is also very high.

A 1,000 lb horse for example, given a 100% hay feed, would use 25 lbs of hay every single night. Between 15 October and 15 May (if there is no grazing in MN) the horse would use about 5,350 pounds of hay or 2.7 tonnes. That would correspond to 107 fifty pounds of small square bales or six 900 pounds of round bales at that period.

This amount would double for two ponies; 214 small square or 12 round square balls. Knowing the hay bale weights is important; not all hay balls have the same weights. When the same horse would receive 5 pounds of cereal a day, its hay requirement would be cut to 20 pounds a days.

The horse consumed about 2.1 tonnes of hay from 15 October to 15 May. That would correspond to 86 fifty pounds of small square bundles or five 900 pounds of round bundles at that period. In the case of two ponies this amount would double; 172 small square or 10 round balls. 5 to 33% hay fodder drop if a feed was used.

It is always best to buy some more hay, as a horse may need more hay during the colder winters (depending on their entrance to the shelter).

What kind of hay does my horse need?

What kind of hay does my horse need? Once and for all, I need to know how much hay to give my horse? I' m considering relocating to another snowboarding haystack and would like to be able to tell the executive exactly how much hay Rio needs every single night in pounds.

No, I don't want him to answer it. Río has the trend to loose a little bit, so for a 1300 pounds horse, what is the demand? Thank you, Horse... a naturally occurring depressant! To feed at a high 2.5% ratio of his total mass would be 32. Five pounds a DA. Recommend doses range from 1.5 to 2.5 of a horse's total physical mass.

Naturally that is when he doesn't get food... although I choose to allow as much food as a horse wants to eat. I have always heard/read that the "average" horse should eat about 2% of its food /hay per year. As you say your horse is a little hard-boiled, I'd give him a higher percentage.

It'?s more digestible than hay. Well, I guess it kind of hinges on the hay, too. and I wouldn't want to be feeding my horse 30# alfa a head a day. However, I concur that holding food in front of him is the best way to hold it. Now I have simple caretakers and 10#-15# hay fodder (1% - 1.5% of my total diet ) in every season, divided into 3 daily feeds.

If we get snows and/or really cool temperatures, they can reach up to 20# per person.) We have purchased two hay varieties: higher grade grasses and rather inferior grade grasses. Her horse should get no less than 20# per head per 24 hours, I would think. This is an interesting piece about feeding stuff for horses:

ca/$departm...sf/all/hrs3243 While you would not supply lucerne in the same amounts as hay, the legend around its use must be debunked: In AZ we ONLY feeded Lucerne - and never had any problem... we also had Bermuda or fruit garden weed for older ponies that could get mixed with it.... The addition of some steeped lucerne dice to 2% b.w. the addition of a good fruit garden hay is perhaps also the right way....

It is an outstanding and informative website that gives samples of how to regulate grain/feed consumption to adapt the overall condition score: htm While she is beginning to talk about how to adapt to a nature catastrophe, there is actually very good information for all horse lovers to look at, including how much is best for a horse under ordinary circumstances, and how to adapt your diet to help a horse under non-ideal physical states.

Amount of hay required also varies depending on what else it is feed. If, for example, he is supplied with turnip chips, Alfalapellets or has good acces to a proper good quality grassy poddock, then his hay requirements are lower. To feed at a high 2.5% ratio of his body mass would be 32.

Five pounds a DA. Recommend doses range from 1.5 to 2.5 of a horse's total physical mass. Naturally that is when he doesn't get food... although I choose to allow as much food as a horse wants to eat. Agreed, but would like to say that also depend on the hay grade and say Lucerne that you would be leaning more on the 1. 5, but with a low grade weed more on the top 2.

Even if you grain it, it will contribute to how much hay it needs and the overall qualities. Doesn't it also rely on the horse's activities? Doesn't it also rely on the horse's activities? Concerning the feed of alfalfa: I' ve been eating lucerne for four years and never had a single trouble.

When you have your hay checked and know what you are eating, no hay from grasses or pulses should be a big issue. A further difficulty I had with lucerne is that they had to get less of it, otherwise they would have gone to extremes. They only had food a few and a half times a diurn.

Naturally, the same can be done with high-quality hay. I got quite inferior hay two years ago (I had it tested). Still I only fed 1-2# per 100 for all three of my stallions and they were fatty as flies when the cold season was over.

It' really very much up to the horse. I want my horse to eat more inferior/medium hay than less high-quality hay.

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