How much can I buy a Horse for

What can I buy a horse for

How do you know how much to sell your horse for or how much to spend? Horse prices vary depending on what they are used for - trail riding, rodeo/barrel racing or English jumping - and how much training the animal has. The cost of horses anywhere can range from free to millions of dollars! Buying a horse that exceeds the rider's abilities can be downright dangerous. An inexperienced person often pays too much attention to the head.

What does a horse pay?

What does a horse for? Hundreds of thousands of "free" ponies are available, and I will tell you now that someone has been quite generous with the meaning of "free". Suppose you were paying for a horse. An easy horse, without a strange family tree or without extra workouts, is available for $0 - $500.

I thought that with the horse came a place to life for the horse. Luckily they had room in the guesthouse, and the salesman hired me a stand for $250/month. Now, this same stable would go for somewhere around $650, what with rate of price hikes and whichnot. Ummmmmmm.....I thought it came with the horse, too.

No. You just get the bare horse without a string to take home. About $2,500 later I had all the necessary parts to take the horse to her stable, ride it, clean it and generally how the riders will do it. Painting filly, "Missleading", who sees my money flowing across the willow.

In a few and a half weeks there was a bill for footwear, a bill for gunfire, a bill for worming, a bill for.... well, it's enough to say that they saw me come and my horse bill was over my loan bill in a whole and a half year. Let's say the horse isn't as sound as it could be.

I had two Lyme two years ago. Then, there's practice and classes and supplements and whatever you decide to do on horseback like a contest (a few hundred buckets of food costs me $495) and whatever idiot you decide to do (a few hundred bucks every day to take the animal to a horse show).

You' ll need a very good day's work to enjoy your free day with dust and flying and manure and the smell of horse-dragging.

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