How much hay does my Horse need

What amount of hay does my horse need?

One general rule is that a horse needs half a bale of hay a day to meet basic nutritional needs. However, the amount can vary depending on the horse and hay. How long and when should I soak hay? What is the daily feed requirement for a horse? Must I add chaff to my horse's feed?

What do I do to determine how much hay I should use?

In order to make sure I don't waste the hay I already have, can you tell me if I feed too much hay right now? The pony is 14.1hhh, weights about 440kg and travels for 10 hrs a night from Easter to October, so she only needs a hay net when she spends the night in it.

She is on the road about 7 hrs a full working year in the cold, but only 4 nights a working day, the other 3 nights are all around the clock, so I definitely need more hay in the north. Thought to make the hay last longer, I would only give it the'needed' amount, but I' doubled it to make sure it would last the nut.

On the BHS website it says that 2.5% of your horses' weights are fed, but how do you know how much they' ve got? Have you ignored the weed and fed 2.5% hay/hard fodder on the gras they like?

Feed answers: chuck

While good makers can look good and lucky with dietary fiber and feed alone, the nutrient profile of hay, weed and hay can differ and are most likely inadequate in some vitamin and mineral content. In the case of laminate or good door, a large part of the nutritive substances are leached out of the hay, so that it supplies few chalories and still supplies precious dietary fibres.

Much is dependent on the qualitiy of the crying position! It' s quite possible that a softer, leafier, early-cut hay provides more carbohydrates and has a higher content of carbohydrates than a more stalked, later pruned hay. This is why you need to give your horse more hay by mass than hay to make sure it still gets lots of fiber.

The limitation of the amount of hay given to a horse is more likely to lead to indigestion and behavioral issues due to bore. In the ideal case, food should be as much as possible and a horse should never be given less food than the 1% of its body weight equiv. (5kg/10lb for a 500kg horse).

This horse is conceived to be able to graze 18 of them every 24 hrs, and if left without food or pastures for a longer period of it will cause both stresses and indigestion.

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