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Horse's hay

Grazing grasses and hay are the best sources of fibre for horses. So in many cases the "needs" of the horse and the "wishes" of the human being are not exactly the same. When it comes to feeding alfalfa hay for horses, there are three main points of contention among the horse people:

Hints on buying large round bales of hay for horses - The No. 1 resource for horse farms, stables and horse rides teachers

I' d like to begin to feed my horse big round bundles, but I have no clue how many bundles to buy. There are two medium large ponies that would have 24-hour hay and shelter. Large round balls are 4' x 5' in diameter. A horse of medium height (1,000 pounds) eats about 2.5% of its total daily or about 25 lbs.

That'?s 50 quid a night for two of them. From October to May (8 month or 240 days), when you are feeding large round baled crops, you will need 12,000 lbs of hay for two horse. Averaging 4' x 5', the round baled crop should be 850 lbs. 12.00 lbs split by 850 lbs corresponds to 14 large round balls.

Nevertheless, two stallions may not feed fast enough on the large round bales and there is likely to be some rubbish from rain/snow. The best way to minimise environmental impact would be to place the large round ball in a closed feed hopper or an extension if you feed only a few of your horse from a round ball.

In the ideal case, a large round baled crop is used within seven working day. As a rule, this is done when four or more adults are fed by a large round ball. We also know that large round balers can help cut haybags. Large round hay baled wastes fed in different infeeds were between 6-33% off, while the absence of an infeed caused 57% off.

More information on how to select a round baler conveyor can be found on our website under University of Minnesota Information. Given the garbage associated with large round bundles being fed, I would suggest that you buy 16 large round bundles for your two adults for the cold season. The University of Minnesota Horse Newsletters can be subscribed to on their website.

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