How much hay should a Horse Eat a Day

What amount of hay should a horse eat per day?

It's summer and time to order more hay. What amount of hay should my horse eat per day? Every horse owner knows that the way they are feeding their horse is very important for the horse's state and state of wellbeing. But sometimes horse lovers need help to find out how much hay their horse should use in a day. Horse that are more athletic need more hay than those that are inactive.

The majority of ponies should be feeded daily in small quantities, not in large quantities at once. A lot of people let their horse free to pasture on hay or gras all day long. It is called "free choice" feed. Another of the most common methods of horse feed is to feed a certain number of animals.

Many horse breeders choose to have their horses grazing on hay or gras all day long. They do not issue a certain amount of fodder, but let their pets pasture on available gras and fodder. It is often called the "free choice" and is regarded as the most naturally way to give it.

Although free feed may work in some equines, others are susceptible to Laminitis or excess body fat if overfed. This is just a few of the medical issues that free range livestock can face. Make sure that your horse can be free to feed before you choose this option.

Providing your horse with a certain amount of hay could be a more healthy alternative than free feed. According to expert opinion, these hay fodder must contain at least one to two per cent of their daily BM. Throughout the day, these small dishes should be divided into about three to four small portions.

The hay must be weighed and feeded to the horse, not the amount. The procedure guarantees that the right quantity of the animal is used. Because of their physical and metabolic weights, some stallions need six pound of hay, while others need ten of it. Hay bundles are of different weights, but an ordinary rectangular bundles weights about fiftylbs.

Pay attention to the working standard and your horse's ageing when you feed hay. To find out more about hay for the horse, please call SB Hay & Feed in Amarillo, Texas today.

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