How much hay to Feed

The amount of hay to feed

The Timotheus hay, a grass, is not so rich and can be fed in much larger quantities. What kind of hay do I have to feed? The calculation of the amount of hay needed both in the near future and over an extended period of time is a math exercise necessary for every veal farm. However, the height of the cows, the state of the cows' milking, and the feed grade are important factors in the determination of the cow's mean diet.

Stagnant fodder on the meadow or as harvest residues can cover a large part of the fodder requirement early in Winter and in the absence of a blanket of ice. Given that stationary grazing fodder decreases in terms of grade and amount over the course of the wintry season and most of the fodder consumed comes from stocked hay, how much hay will the calf volunteer to use?

What amount of hay do I need to prepare for feeding in winters? What amount of hay do I have to lay out for the next few nights? A good way of estimating feed requirements can be found in the following feed consumption chart. DM: 100% dry matter basis; absorption estimations suggest that there is sufficient proteins in the food, whether from feed or supplements.

Therefore, when computing the hay daily intake based on as-fed, split the hay weight per pound (from Table 1) by 0.93 to 0.90 to calculate the real hay weight consumption by the cows. The uptake of feed given to bovine animals is generally restricted by the feeding capacities of the gastrointestinal system.

Feed uptake correlates with feed grade, as shown in the above chart. Faster indigestion and transit of higher value feed leads to a significantly higher absorption of solids in comparison to lower grade feed, which is less digestible. Due to the higher power requirement, it should be noted that milking animals use more feed than pregnant animals.

The hay or feed requirement is therefore determined on the base of a percent of the cow's total height. The type of feed and hay grade influence the proportion of hay lost. Twenty-six dollars a week is spent on a dried herd. Medium grade hay 4 lbs per night on 100% solids base.

The hay, however, is 90% solid, which means that the cows eat 29. This calculation is based on the assumption that very little, if any, food is available for consumption. According to grade and amount, stationary fodder can significantly decrease hay uptake.

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