How to Harness a Pony for Driving

Use a pony for driving

Putting a harness on a mini-horse and connecting it to the car //Awesome. Recently I became interested in driving minis and ponies/horses after a life as a riding horse. Driving with the car Movie Instruction can be very useful for beginners, but cannot substitute the instruction with an expert trainer. Watch these great driving video clips from the UK Driving Society to see how to fasten your seat belt and ride a saddle. Please note that this guide can only help you to know how to ride a coach - these video clips can never substitute driving classes with a qualified driving teacher!

These videos show how to fasten a pony with either a chest strap or a full neck strap. Continue here with the tracks, the saddle cushion and the lock. The Liverpool bits will give you the right fitting. We will show you how to bend the rein properly with a smooth, coarse cheeks or upper and lower rail.

Here you will find the extensive Eaton spare parts package - and what it consists of. You can also see how a steed is brought to the car and why it is important to take the right action. Many valuable hints are given and described. It shows one of the horses placed on a car that is too small and another one that is too big for the rider and explains what is incorrect and which points need to be taken into account.

The following movie about driving with the car (it is too long from part 3 to see the first seconds, you should look at part 3 first) shows how to assemble the car properly. Explanation of the balancing of a two-wheeled car. It shows how to keep the rein and the stick.

The fundamentals of navigation are described, as well as a right turn, a lefthand turn and the different ways to set a signal. Dismantling it properly completes the instructions in the part. That part shows how to properly unhitch a stallion.

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