How to make Cavaletti Jumps

Cavaletti leaps and turns

Did you guys make any funny jumps or anything on the docket? Cavaletti construction - Texas Horseman's Dirctory pattern First, one of the 4" by 4 " by 8" poles is intersected into four (4) identical portions of two (2) ft (24 inches) each. Assemble two (2) right-angled notches (Fig. 3). Now find the middle of the "X" you made and use a 1/2 " wooden bur to bore through both parts (Fig.


Insert the 4" screw through this opening and fasten it tight with a washers and a nuts. That makes your Cavaletti service safe. Repeat with the other two (2) segments. Grab the rest of the 4 " x 4" x 8" untrimmed posts. The width of the pole (3-3/4") should be measured. With this width you are measuring from each end of the pole and drawing a line.

Locate the middle of this line and highlight it with your pen (.5). Use your drilling machine and the 1/2" wooden bur to make a bore where the two (2) contours meet (Fig. 5). You can do this at each end of the 8' pole, on the same side of course. Then, erect the "X "s and place the 8'-post with the ends in the hands of the "X "s.

Do you want the end of the 8' pole to be aligned with the sides of the 8' pole. Apply a graphite marker with the middle of the holes coming out through the 8' pole on one side of the "X". pull out the pole. Use your drills and your 1/2" wooden drills to make a bore through the sleeve of the "X" on your finger.

Next, pass the 8" slide screws through the openings in each end of the 8" pole and then through the openings in the X " s ( "Fig. 6) sleeves and lock with a washers and a locknut. Now you have a robust Cavaletti that does not break up when your mare meets him for the first tim.

When you have a tale to tell about how these Cavaletti have been helping you in your workout programme or simply want to show images of your skills in production, please send me an e-mail with words and photographs.

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