How to Sell a Horse

Selling a horse

Perform a Google search for the buyer's name. You can often find out about buyers through a simple online search. Do not sell at or below slaughter prices. Whilst slaughtering horses in the United States is illegal, the harsh reality is that many American horses are sold to contractors for slaughter in Canada and Mexico. There seems to be always a time for horse owners when selling a horse is necessary.

Selling a horse fast: 10 paces (with pictures)

Finding the right prize. When you can, ask another someone who once sells a horse and see what their prize was. Sell it for a little less, because nobody will buy it if you sell it for a high asking you. Make a good, fair impression. One image really says 1000 words.

This should show the full physique of the horse. A further photo with the horse in motion also is helpful. Explain all the bad and good practices of your horse. Prospective buyers know what they can repair in the horse and know you as an honourable man who gives you a good name when you sell other horse.

Journals, papers, online, anything you can find (This can be a small charge, some free advertisements online) Get your horse out of there. They can also go to shows and offer your horse for sal. This way prospective purchasers can see how your horse behaves and what it does. Sell your horse much quicker on line video, especially if you don't object to sell out of the state, the same goes for trying some of the top websites like,,, and UK-based as well.

Enter the name of your horse. Maintain your horse neat and tidy. Many prospective purchasers like to look at a horse when you least expected it to see if you are concealing something. Maintain your horse in good shape. The muscle is better sold and you don't want your horse not behaving or breathing when the prospective rider has it.

Lists your horse according to what it is used for. Childproof, professional bomber, male horse, female horse, etc. Sell it, ages, prices, training, build, lesions if it is topical on all kicks, boots, worming routines and weights, tie and clip.

There are 10 ways to market and sell your horse efficiently.

There seems to be always a period for horse owner when the sale of a horse is necessary. If you are training and marketing a horse for a livelihood or have simply come to the point where your horse no longer suits you, it seems wise to know how you can efficiently sell and promote your horse to achieve the greatest value.

Naturally your horse is invaluable and following these 10 easy steps will help you show a prospective purchaser how astonishing your horse really is. Best way to sell your horse: slaubadubdub! Make your horse as neat and shining as possible. It is not possible to have this shine during the whole year.

When it' s springtime, these hairs go down quickly. In the ideal case, as far as fur is concerned, the best season to take photos of your horse is probably to be had in it. But don't let it stop you! We' ve been selling a lot of ponies this past season. Talking of photography: High-quality images are very important.

It takes some work, a little bit of patience and possibly some cash to get this great recording! Though you don't want to hide any problem with your horse, you want to show your horse. This is the chance for your horse to be shiny, if at all! It will probably look like this on the meadow with a kind horse that gets an honest shot:

Your horse smiles a little too much without much effort: Do you have lights along the whole length of the horse, without big shadow. Slide the next front foot forward and the widest rear foot under the horse. c. Pay close attention to the amount of strain you get, whether you are using a lense or telephone camcorder. d. Stand at right angles to the horse's hips. e. Hold the camcorder under the horse stomach and point it at the hips. f. Use the strobe to eliminate shadow even in bright d. Use the strobe as much as possible in bright sunlight.

View this AQHA movie with these hints for photographing a horse. In our own experiences, I believe that this is one of the greatest sales arguments. Before they even turn to you, they want to know what your horse is. Arrange a period of filming with a boyfriend or relative while driving.

Consider what you want to see in a horse movie when you're looking for a horse, then think about what your horse's skills are and underscore them. Even if you have certain thoughts or ways you want your movie to look, tell it to the someone who's there to help you.

They can never think they have the same premonition as you, and there can never be too much communications. a. A good credential is that you don't want to be your movie longer than a lie. In general, there is no free moment for spectators to view an eight or ten minutes long film.

You want to see the high points and if the horse is really something to see. b. With this tip in the back of your head, don't keep trotting in a circle before you move on. Design a design that you want to track, which shows your horse walking, trotting, trotting, lopping, stopping and securing.

c. If your horse has a particular profession, such as running, include brief footage of him in your movie. d. Humans also like to see a horse in other habit.

When you can traverse waters, a gangway or open doors and work through an obstruction course, these are great things you can put on your footage. e. If you keep track of the length of your track, you may have plenty of free space to show how the horse is loading into a trailers, how it is saddling and bridling and whether it is standing while you are climbing. f. They also want to know how old and big your horse is and how much it is, so please remember to include this information in the videotogog ame. g. Don't overlook this information: your contacts details: how much do you want to know?

Your name and telephone number and your website if you have one. h. With everything said about how you put your movie together, think about your audience buyers. When your horse is a ranching horse, you probably won't be looking for a purchaser in the show business and the other way around.

First and foremost, you want to sell your horse to the right person: someone who gets the most out of your horse's abilities. Of course your horse is great, but be true. You' d never want to sell your horse without full disclosures. Is your horse hunchbacks, heels or bites?

Will you be willing to explain why you're sellin' the horse? Please enter a short section about your horse. This can be used when you begin to market your horse. Note the characteristics of your horse (colour, ages, height ), tell about his experience, what he can do well and what it is really important to be mentioned.

Again, you don't want to sell a ranch horse to someone looking for a show horse, or you don't want to sell a boisterous horse to someone looking for their unexperienced husband or kid. Include why you're sellin' it, then enter the online vid link and your contacts information.

"Mr. Pferd is 4 years old and recorded at the AQHA. It was used during the brand-name period and has also put an moose on the farm and it also crossed the well. He' s very energetic and would work very well on a farm that requires a great deal of horse-raiding.

I' m sellin' it because I' m gonna need a horse so my children can go riding. See Mr. Horse's videotape here! "Buyers would be smart to test a horse. Many times we have permitted individuals to take their horse home after they have signed a clearance contract and left a caution.

In this way they can see whether the horse is working for them in their own surroundings for a longer while. When this is not an optional feature, you have a schedule to present your horse (on your premises or in a nearby arena) and allow a prospective purchaser to test your horse.

This example of a HORSE CONTRACT can be used. You have now thought about it and know the strength of your horse, you can find a consensus! a. Facebook: Many groups on Facsimile are devoted to horse sales. For us craigs list was a great instrument for the sales of ours.

Only disadvantage I have seen is that we receive spamming and/or text from someone who is clearly not even in the state. You can tell your veterinarian, the food business and all your horse compounds that you want to sell your horse. They may even consider placing a leaflet with the information in the food shop or in some other important places in the city. e. list:

When you are practicing a profession of horse education and sales, keep a record of the most important horse men who can help you spread the word. If you are a horse trainer, you are welcome to contact us. You can continue to refer horse-seekers to you. You' ve put all your information together in a single expert pack, market your horse and let prospective buyers take a look at it, and you've found that one.

When you have a penchant for loving a horse that doesn't really work for you. When you are someone who does not know how to get a filly started, do not buy a foal, no matter how sweet or inexpensive it is. When you don't like pace or snorting, don't fell in love with the horse that has race horse power in the back.

When you only have an occasional horse trip, do not buy the horse that has "this problem". Any of these instances will only annoy you and most likely the trouble will be escalating and the horse and you will end up in a poorer posture than you have begun because it is costly to give a mouths food that does not get the horse back and grooming it needs.

Then you' re back in first place trying to sell your horse you can't say anything good about just because you two don't go well together. We' ve found these 10 ways to promote and sell your horse efficiently to be very useful and efficient!

In your life you may only sell one horse, or you are like us: in the education and sale of the horse. One way or another, we all want to sell our horse for its value and to the person who can appreciate it because they have found a good fitting!

Would it be useful to be remembered for the labels of the un-cowboy outfits? Receive more than 25 ressources to help you win trust, conserve your valuable working hours, remain organised and rebuild your hopes.

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