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This is the only riding helmet in the UK that meets all these safety standards: HS1 Gatehouse Jockey Skull It is the highest security level in the game. This hat is equipped with a high-quality four-point belt made of genuine cowhide and a Gatehouse Airflow Linin. HS1 shell skin is now coated with Aegis Microbe Shield. The SNELL E2001 security standards can be found on the Kronenfutter if you look directly into the hat or under the removeable bottle feed next to the lot number and the date of manufacture on the EPS tray.

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Initially, the main focus of the firm was the sale of health care for horses, and although this is still an important pillar of the firm's operations, we have strongly expanded over the last 20 years. Today the enterprise is the prominent expert for horse health care prodcuts. Our relationship with our affiliate TRM, one of the biggest manufacturers of equity health care equipment worldwide, as well as a number of major agents such as Equipment UK Ltd, Turfmasters, Robinsoncare, W.F. Young, Blue Chip, Barrier Hygiene, Bimeda and many others.

Take a look at our complete offer of equine gear. With us you get everything from one source. We are well known for our wide choice of riding and stables gear. This is the one-stop-shop for beginner and advanced equestrians.

Have a look at our wide selection of equestrian gear, including breeches and breeches, crash protection, riding cloths, leisurewear and much more. We offer a wide variety of barn facilities of the best possible standard on the whole family.

Gate-House HSI Jackey Helm

For our custom-made items, please allow 2-3 week lead time. If you are looking for gifts, spoil them with a great present! We will endeavour to ship the goods within 2 week. As of October 1, 2014 they must comply with BS EN1384/2012, everything else will not be accepted.

As of October 1, 2014 they must comply with BS EN1384/2012, everything else will not be accepted.

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