Human Horse Jumping

The Human Horse Jumping

High Jump Test SIHS Human Horse. The jumping plays an important role in many equestrian sports such as jumping, fox hunting, obstacle hunting and eventing. Sporty? The Human Horse High Jump Competition A Try A

You may have a chance to take the human high leap. It' quite easy: jumping over a horsefench. With every free leap the barrier rises. Become the last person to successfully overcome the barrier and you' re the winner. It' similar to jumping. Other than those railings getting very high.

We' re not a horse, so if we beat those stakes or standard, it will hurt a little more. And''Did I say you'd do it in front of a crowded arena watching the tournament? And if that is interesting, then you have to look at the boys who keep clearing those unbelievably high railings.

Obviously some of them have high jumps-practice! Are you getting a little bit old-fashioned for the time when you were a horse-loving child and liked to skip over the fence before or after your school? Do you think there is a destiny for the human high leap? It' certainly an enjoyable activity while you wait for the results of the horse show to be published or the next grade to start.

Maybe this will be a nationwide contest or a recurring horse show performance. Are you willing to try this contest?

Horse-less jumping - Obstacle jumping without horse

It runs like a normal horse jumping, only in horse-less horse jumping it is the people who have to make it through the obstacles without overcoming too many obstacles. When you' ve always dreamt of mimicking a 1,000-pound horse in front of a crowd, there's no better way to register for a horse-less show jumping competition.

Crazy as it may sound, this kind of show is becoming more and more famous, as there are many riding competitions on the programme. Every year in Europe, Central America, the USA and Canada around 20 horse-less shows are held with a number of 40 to 130 people. A few of the competitors have been practicing for this kind of competition since early age, using a broomstick as a horse and jumping over poles in an impromptu course, and I think they never got over it.

Other people just want to have a good time, and all of them agree that participating in it is a very enjoyable one. Embodying a course is for a good cause, because JustWorld International, the non-profit organisation that organises these activities, is donating all the profits to charity efforts for needy kids around the globe.

The judges, Phil Rozon, who is also a judges at equestrian shows, says that participants are directed like a horse. As in a true horse jumping competition, the bands are assigned at least 6th place. Several of them are actually training for the show, and in order to have more chance of win and give the show a hint of realism, they even put on socks.

When asked why she thinks so many spectators participate in horse jumping every single horse show jumping event, JustWorld International foundress, former top showjumping rider Jessica Newman, said: "It's just great to be a horse".

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