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Hannoveraner g. Currently successful in national derbies and among children's hunters. Breathtaking warmblood hunting gelding available for half-letting on the farm. Kids/adults amateur hunters for sale or rent. The Hunters Haven is a full-service barn in beautiful Groveland, Massachusetts.

An option purchase lease would work for the right person.

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Jumper For Hunter Sales - Hadfield Hadfield Hadfield Hadfield was originally from the Czech Republic in 2016. Very sweet guy with great jumps and movements. PREGreen Hunter For Sales - Capitalist is currently showing in the PREGreen Hunters with an already impressing balance. Superbly courageous with the kind of gallop you want in your dream!

A great leap with a big step...... Little Junior Hunter prospects for sale - Mareno Currently showing in the Baby Green Hunters, Mareno is one that is full of promise. He has recently become a champion or reserve every single show he's shown..... Great promise - Sweaters for sale - Great first sweater!

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Almost three years ago, when I first saw Hercules in the Netherlands, I could never have thought that it could be such a successful year. In the second year we took part in sporadic contests with him because we were already sure that the stud had an unbelievable level of riding ability. He had only one single railway down per show period at that point, which I had never seen in a youngster before.

At the age of six, we took part in the performance test against the best horses in Belgium. Suspicions were shown to us, but Herkules did not abandon us, he rather affirmed his unparalleled qualities, again and again. Herkules impressed everyone with his technology, strength and supertemperament. Furthermore, he was elected best six-year-old of the four breeding books in Belgium (BWP, SBS, Z and AES).

Then we got a placeholder for the World Championship, where he was also 3 consecutive nights twice as clear, jumped with stunning styles, legwork right out of the box and an unbelievably good shot. I know that Hercules is, that we all are dreaming of a "unique horse", but that he is rare to meet.

Roy - if you ever find a second Hercules, call me, I always have an empty stand for him!

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