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Hunting, show jumping, riding and pony horses for sale. Sell or rent horses, with terms of payment. The Hunter Jumper Horses For Sale Public Group He' s got a lot of room and when he's settling into his new home, he'll be willing to begin his competition carreer. He' s from very good continent thoroughbred, shows a hopeful leap, has car change leads, extraordinary equilibrium and courage for a youngster. Placed in more World Cup events than many other ponies, he jumped an envyable number of free laps at this standard.

In 2013, Tornesch was named Sweden's best young horse because his progeny have a lightweight horse with a lot of sire. You have good bounce and equilibrium with brains and great rideability. He is dam of an elite broodmare named IOP ( "spr"), which already has progeny up to 1,30m.

With his granddam he had a GP and a 1,40m show jumping mare! A young pony with a brilliant career.

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I mean, we show, we raise, and we buy and buy our own animals. Specialized in warm-blood hunting, show jumping and riding we have used our expertise to build a selling space that brings your ponies to their destinationarket. You can use this page to promote your show jumpers, breeders, including studs, broodmares and colts, and to find your ideal showjumper.

To be the first choise in the sale of huntsmen, show jumpers and riding ponies and we appreciate the feedbacks from our customers to constantly enhance our website.

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Nursing and the well-being of the horse is our top concern. Our top priorities are that our stallions have a quiet, tranquil home with great grooming and use. There is a large selection of pony and horse for sale and/or rent. Not only did Merilee make me a better horseman, she made me a better man.

Merilee's skill of looking into the mind and hearts of horses and riders is a present to all who know them. Each coach should have the prerogative to study with Merilee at least once in his life. I' d go to the moons and back for my daughters and her horses, so a 50 minutes drive from Cary, NC to Carthage, NC is a stroll in the park deserving every aile.

Not only does Merilee teach us'eyes up, toes down', but also encourage us to think for ourselves and find out why we have to drive like this. She has made my daugher a "thoughtful" horsewoman who not only taught her what to do, but also why to do it.

Outstanding movers and jumpers, automatic guide change, big step. This is the kind of horses that is beautiful and cute enough that grown amateurs can simply put their husbands on the show.

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