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Locate your Hunter Jumper jumps and accessories at SmartPak. You can browse through our variety of jumps and standards, as well as flower boxes. Have a look at our beautiful selection of jumps for hunters and jumpers to suit every budget. Grand Prix and quality horse kicks off for sale. Raiders jump or trot.

Made-to-measure jumps

They have a large selection of PVC jumpers. All aluminium jumps are powder-coated, with key hole rail. FULL HUNTER ALUMINIUM JUMP COURSE. toe kits aluminium wings, four kits poly-schools, thirty wooden tracks and cups. Shipment not including. Green Wings with brass details.

Contains four sets of 5' Poly Schools, black, with key hole rail. 10 SETS OF ALUMINIUM WINGS. 4 GROUPS OF SCHOOLS. THREE RACKS AND JUMP CUP PARE. Included in this wonderful Hunter course (ten jumps): $5995.00 including delivery within Continental U.S. Download this Hunter course setup as PDF. 8 jumps with poly coated rail in navy, amber, reddish.

Including 6 wing kits. This is a PVC-frame type composite timber. Set of 2 PVC school. Twelve ten' wooden tracks, stripe. Included in the Continental U.S. PVC Hunter course (wooden rails) - 10' length 8 jumps including 2-ox. Choose from 4 different types of doors and leaves and 6-8 different plain colours for the leaves, tracks, doors, window box and school!

The warranty does not cover shipment and applies only to the first buyer.

Lumberjack Jumping Courses

New Riviera Gate design! Brush box set 10' PVC Brush box set 12' PVC gate 10' PVC gate 12' Paddock gate 10' Paddock gate 12' Diagonal gate 10' Diagonal gate 12' Whitepicket 10' fence: 12' Caucasian paling fence: 10' Green/white stockade 12' Price: $279.95 / 2 pcs.

Rolltop Set 10' Special Rolltop Set 12' Green/White lattice wall 10' Green/White lattice wall 12' Grey/White lattice wall 10' Grey/White lattice wall 12' Naturlack/GrĂ¼n lattice wing: Naturlack/Gittertor 10' Naturlack/Gittertor12' Large Naturbeize COP. Lovely 12' customised smilie door.


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