Hunting Riding hat

Riding cap

Hunting caps are part of the proud tradition of English riding. Ride hats, bowlers, beaglers, Pateys & cylinders. And hairnets, hat lifter & hat refresher, etc.

What is new at Hunting Head Wear?

Can a chestnut hunter use advanced equipment and technologies for a safe driving environment while maintaining the look and feel of a hunting ground? Since fox hunters make up only a small part of the overall riding equipment rental equipment rental equipment rental equipment rental equipment rental it makes economic sense to provide their range of products with new, classy forms, locket, stripes and other ornamental accents, none of which is similar to what would have been accepted in the hunting sector twenty years ago.

Proper hunting clothing of the early 20th centuries encouraged men and wives to carry hunting derby, with men in official dress changing to cylinders. Later, in the 20th c., both men and woman moved in the fields in the direction of carrying the Iconian hunting hat in the fields, which was traditional only for masters and employees.

This was because hunting beanies that were more head-covered were more secure than derbys and cylinders. For the sake of security, most champions offered little opposition to this immigration. Recently we released a tale about Caroline Treviranus, whose crash during the 1978 Three-Day World Championships quickly prompted equitation associations to order the use of certified protective jackets during the show.

When Caroline began running my hunting stables a few years later, I still wore the old-fashioned hunting hat in the area. Manufactured from laminate, without chinstraps, without adhesive and reinforced with schellack, to keep it on the top of your neck in case of an unplanned exit, it offered hardly any shelter in comparison to the new certified hats.

In the interest of workplace protection (and perhaps even my health), she started annoying me about using a hunting protective hat and rig. Then I brushed them off and put my old hunting hat back on. Sick of making futile pleas, she handed me a cardboard with the inscription Charles Owen on the opening of a cube hunting year.

Since then I've been wearing a hard hat. In my opinion, the Charles Owen Hampton has best transformed the look of the classic hunting hat into a secure headgear, but this year the firm is launching a new H2000 on the US that should be particularly attractive to fox hunters.

The H2000 is very popular in the UK, upholstered in simple silk with a charming coronet tread that is more akin to a made-to-measure hunting beanie. This autumn it will be available in saddle stores, in blue (for ladies masters or special hunting costumes) and blue (for men or ladies during the casual season).

Charles Owen and all other manufacturers of helmets who still sell Fox Hunter protection hats that match the look of the hunting ground hats, which still retain all the security of the newer fabrics but the look and traditionally simple suede covers that "burn in" us as fox hunters.

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