Icelandic Horses for Sale

Horses for sale in Iceland

Icelandic Horse Farm offers Icelandic and Canadian horses for sale. For more information click here! Sale & training for Icelandic horses, riding lessons on the trails and ranch holidays in our Bed & Breakfast. Icelandic registered gelding for sale. The horses listed here are offered for sale by their owners and not by the Gædingar Club.

Horse for sale

It is our aim to find a good correspondence between horses and riders. This seems to be the main cause why the horses we are selling do not often switch owners, but usually remain where we are. Not every one of our horses is a beginner and an experienced or aspiring horseman needs a different kind of riding than an experienced horseman who just likes to go for a hike.

Our customers give us a lot of positive feed-back about the horses that have been selling in the past. We always have a lot more horses for sale than our website shows. Sometimes we also have young Icelandic horses for sale. When you are interested in purchasing a stallion from us, please let us know some information about yourself as a stallion, your surroundings for the stallion and your intentions for the futurolog.

Knowing our horses, we will do our best to find a good fit for you in one of our horses. If we don't have what you are looking for, we can help you to find a good agreement with other growers. But a good mare has no color, but a big smile.

Sometimes the cost of a stallion can vary as the stallion evolves in his education.

Iceland horses for sale

Had a foal before and was a great mum. It' educated to horseback but..... first class horseback racing and horseback ri... Marcus is an absolute thoroughbred gelding. Whole-bred. He' s competitive and a great hippo too. The Gunnar is a large Icelandic horse that has been bred by the best. It is an occasion to own a thoroughbred, Icelandic foal with an Icelandic stallion and an Icelandic champ....

Mélot is a gorgeous filly with great blood lines. Buckskin mare for a June 2019 colt. Is Mandy a great mom, a lot of powder? First of all, please see the whole ad------ We help some very dear friend of ours to sale their.....

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