Ideal Equestrian Harness

The ideal harness for horses

This is what distinguishes Ideal Equestrian harnesses and equipment. This is a very well crafted marathon harness that follows the ideal riding tradition. The combi harness offers the driver a maximum of combination variety and operating comfort.

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Manufactured in excellent workmanship and at an accessible cost. We' re the premier manufacturer of top grade riding equipment and supplies. Developing our vehicles in cooperation with professionals, we know exactly how we can meet your needs. Are you interested in our comprehensive product portfolio?

Check our website or contact one of our 120 distributors around the world! Get information about the closest retailer and buy high-quality riding equipment and profit from the benefits. Do you want to know more or do you need help in the search for the right product?

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Utensils ideal

Due to the high demands of the harness in combination riding the harness is manufactured with great caution. For example, the harness has bites of genuine leathers which prevent scratching off the horse's feet and guarantee a longer life. They are very good and the harness will fit very well! In our booklet and pricelist you will find detailled information about the Ideal Equestrian harness and current pricing.

Tradtional urination....You can ask a producer and conservator of tradional coaches to provide you with dishes, dinnerware and display dishes. We also offer full decoration of saddle rooms, with conventional harness mounts and lash hooks as well as hat boxes.

Perfect Equestrian Pair Harness - for sale in Wigton, Cumbria

Couple of plastic dishes for sal, almost new, used a fistful of time. Brandnew reds and blacks harness for top artisans for the sales, made of high grade Ital. The seat has a very smooth 6,5" broad padded leathers, chest panel (3,5"). Drawings and tapes are made of synthetics and quilted around the hole with triple embroidery to increase strength.

Biothane Harness Biothane Harness Biothane Sizes. At the end of the handle the rein is strapped together for marathons and contains stick loops and lead binge transporters. Beautiful handcrafted breast harness with quadratic holders. An old-fashioned harness, not used by me as a bangs needs larger injuries. Bridles and two reigns inclusive.

That'?s as good as a bunch of dishes you can buy for that. Wrapped and twisted rein, curled tracks, embroidered braid on bridles and pads. This harness's workmanship is incredible! British harness with brassy hardware. This is a British silver colored shoe in silver, white, black and white.

Manufactured by A.Green Loughborough (dishwasher). Contains chest plate, pad, fastener, variable conductor tracks, bridles, terrests, back strap and conductor track carrier. 3hhh pairs of friezes, but settable.

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