Images of Horses for Sale

Pictures of horses for sale

Advertisements Spotlight - Click on the image to visit the breeder's website. Marshall is almost a reflection of Hired Hand, a top son of Old Sorrel. Hors for sale in Alberton, thumbnail. This is why Williams pays a professional horse photographer to take pictures of horses she represents. You can invest in exquisite equestrian image &

marketing services.

Horse for sale in Utah

Smoké is a beautiful deerskin Gelding with tigers and dorsals on all four feet. LocationsSpanish Gabel, UT.... Here is a 2005 AQHA #Chestnut Stallion. LocationsSpanish Gabel, UT.... A great foundation filly with an excellent Pedigree. LocationsSpanish Gabel, UT.... This great filly goes back to King-p234 in her fifth generations 4 time.

A very soft hiker. is a 14-year-old balomino son of alderman. Dewey is an AQHA-registered 12-year-old colt. They cultivated handicrafts and flotsam. Pistole is a lovely all-round horseman, he is not wallpapered, but his fangs say that he is about 15-18 years old..... Bigsparktocash GVG is a 2014 AQHA/APHA filly by Big Chex To Cash and out of White Hot Spots.....

Location West JonDan, UT.... This is a five-year-old gelding that has been correctly launched here at the farm and is.....

Taking great sales pictures of your horses

If you are looking to market your horses on site or over long distances, high-quality photographs can be an important part of your search for the ideal new home for your horses. Nowadays, between printed and on-line advertisements, Facebook, Twitter and other softsmedia, good photographing is a must for the sale of your horses. However, taking a good photo can be a real adventure, and horses can be particularly difficult to do.

Luckily, with a little careful thought and a few tips, you can get some beautiful pictures of your mare showing her at her best. When you are even thinking about escaping, stop and ask yourself if your stallion is really willing to be shot. As you would before a trip, take a few minutes to let your mare do his best.

Sure, you have these funny snaps on your mobile that are sweet enough for you, but don't put up any sale pictures that show your horses as unkempt - there's no need to make them look any less than their best. You still have to choose a place with a good backdrop for your pictures.

Fencing, shed, tractor, truck, jumps and gate are a common part of the barnscene, but they are not necessarily the most appealing backdrops for snaps. There is only one thing you want to emphasize in a sale photo: the horses. Choosing the right type of cameras and lenses is also important.

Whereas there are always exeptions, equestrian photography is usually most effective when a slightly long (tele) objective is used. You will need a SLR with a 150mm objective tube, ideally a little longer. You need at least one point-and-shoot with a retractable objective that allows you to zoom optically.

Your phone's cameras don't have this capability, so smart phones aren't the best option for portraying horses. Make sure you are an expert who will help you to keep your stallion and keep in mind that an appealing holster or harness is vital for conformational posture shoots.

Choose in advance what kind of pictures you want. Zooming in and moving nearer until everything that occupies the border is your horse's face and throat. Attempt to hold the viewfinder upright for a few pictures. Are you prepared to go on to full-body profiles? Attempt to find the best line of sight for your stallion and fire from that nook.

For all horses, try to keep your feet a little away from your sight so that you don't have the feared "three-legged" look! The majority of purchasers of horses are looking for photographs to judge their horses, but a few pictures of nature could be a beautiful complement, as well as some photographs showing the movements of your horses and, if appropriate, under the horseback.

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