Impact Horse Feed

Effpact horse feed

Launch of Purina IMPACT Horse Feed, a truly high quality feed at a non-premium price - the No. 1 for horse farms, stables and horse trainer. Pure Animal Nutrition has launched IMPACT Horse Feed, a line of top-quality horse foods tailored to the dietary needs of all kinds of horse and lifestyle. This line of products provides texturized, pelletized and comprehensive feed for equines at almost all stages of their lives and activities. The Purina Animal Nutrition Center in Gray Summit, Missouri, has been defining and delivering the horse feed of the past since 1926.

More than 70 equines participating in research are in the main areas of feed consumption and digestion-physiology, horse husbandry and the foaling process as well as the developmental and movement-physiological. Before being marketed, Purina can prepare, design and test feed products such as IMPACT horse feed.

The IMPACT horse feed offers several advantages: Horses can learn more about IMPACT horse feed at a horse owner's workshop (HOW). To find out more about IMPACT horse feed or to find a HOW show near you, please go to or contact your nearest Purina® retailer. LLC ( is a nationwide organisation operating through more than 4,700 domestic co-operatives, independents and other major retail outlets in the United States.

Purina Animal Nutrition's total dedication to pet care is reflected in industry-leading R&D efforts that build and maintain a valuable range of feed mixes, dietary supplement products, premixtures, ingredient and special technology for the pet and life -style pet market. Purina Animal Nutrition's range of products includes both large and small farm pets, among them cows, equines, pigs, hens, hamster, tannins and bunnies.

Purina Animal Nutrition LLC, based in Shoreview, Minnesota, is a fullyowned subsidiary of Land O'Lakes, Inc.

Pure Purina Impact Professional Performance Horse Feed:::: Steinhauser's

Purina has been assisting our youngsters to reach their full potentials since 1894. The Purina Impact Horse Feed provides you with a high quality food optimised for your performance-oriented horse to satisfy the needs of the horse-pro. Purina, with over 100 years of experience and research in horse feeding and a committed staff of horse nutritionists and veterinarians, knows no one more about horse feeding than Purina.

The Purina® IMPACT is designed to contain only high value nutrients that have been tried and tested through years of feeding to improve the horse's overall condition and perform. The IMPACT® Pro can make a big impact on your horse.

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