In Hand Bridles for Sale

For sale in hand bridles

Use these beautifully designed, finely detailed hand bridles to show your pony how best to show off. We are proud to offer you a wide range of In-Hand-Show reins & lead reins. Leather lead reins. Noseband IR comfort crank XF black NEW BARGAIN SALE HALF PRICE!


Give your bangs the best value with these beautiful, fine bridles in your hand. They are made from Sedgwick bridle leathers - some of the best British leathers available for the horsearket. It is made of massive British Messing and is contrasted against the Havana-Leder.

The bridles are made in the classic artisan tradition and consist of a brazen headband and a sophisticated embroidered nose strap. Crowns are 1" and cheekpieces and neck bar are 1/2". Both sides of the nose strap and neck strap have buckles. Normally a colt bite or a dentures with brassieres is used for these bridles.

To finish, you will need to put in a pair of rosette pieces. Bits and roses are available seperately. There are two default dimensions - section A and section B. We have parts to change each of these dimensions, so please provide us with your pony's dimensions as described in the Fitting Information for Bridles in Hand.

Bridles in the hand

These bridles are perfectly suited for the show ring in hand, led-class. It was made of extremely smooth genuine leathers. Noseband made of pat 3 cm wide pat 3 cm wide with shallow tread and bevelled 45 degree rim. Lovin' this tack! Kingly grade and great brassmates.

Nice smooth grain leathers. I' m very pleased with my bridles. Loving the WHE license in your hand! At the beginning of the year I bought a patented halter in the hand fringes of the Schimmelreiter and was so satisfied with the services, the qualitiy and the supply rate that I have ordered two more since then! Totally high-quality, regal show-level-category.

with bridle in hand

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