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Autonomous horse nutritionist

The independent horse nutritionist Clair Thunes PhD takes the guesswork out of your horse. Anyone used an independent nutritionist to develop a nutrition plan? The IEN specialises in horse nutrition, toxicology, sports science research, commercial feed production and practical equestrianism. They provide independent horse nutrition services using concepts developed by Dr. Kellon based on NRC guidelines and recent research.

Horse Nutrition Consultant in Northern California

Choosing the right feed and supplement for your equine is bewildering. There is a wide range of equine equipment on the markets, all of which claim to be the right choice for your equine needs. They can search for hour after hour for opportunities that cause you headaches and are no nearer a resolution. I' m Dr. Clair Thunes and started Summit in 2007 because I wanted to help guys like you get past the shiny pictures of our shiny range and too good to be truth.

It is my aim to help you reach the inner harmony that results from the fact that you know that you spend your food prudently and that the nutrition of your horses is optimum for their needs. We do not have a line of animal feedingstuffs or additives, but I commend those that are already on the markets.

However, they can be confident that I will not be charged by the manufacturer for recommending their products, and therefore my consulting is independent. I' m taking the liberty to take the opportunity to hear what you have to say, because as a stableman I know that nobody knows your horses better than you and on the basis of what I am learning in conjunction with my academic education I am able to provide you with individual counselling that suits you.

Much of the service I am offering is connected with a continuous assistance for your soulfulness. Customers tell me that my nutritional products are simple to follow and use, give them security and often help them cut costs.


Aged 8, Dr. Thunes was originally from England and was engaged in all facets of the everyday management of her horses from the very first child. Beginning in all events, show jumps, training, dressage, gymnastic, trails, fox hunts, huntsmen, side-saddles, she was an anactive member of the UK Pony Club and achieved her B-rating before finishing high school.

She was fascinated by horse feeding and earned a Bachelor of Science in Edinburgh, where she studied for the third year of her studies at the University of California Davis. While a student, Dr. Thunes worked as a bridegroom in a pension stable outside London and took care of her clients' ponies, which included a middle pole stern.

He was playing in Edinburgh and Davis. After her return to Davis for her study Dr. Thunes stayed in the equine club and worked as district representative of the Panache Pony Club in Davis and as a working pupil in the preparation of the FEI class for young show jumpers with a regional coach.

A nutritionist, Dr. Thunes has worked with a broad spectrum of equine subjects, from active broodmares to aggressive thoroughbreds, and with a multitude of physiologic issues, ranging from muscular myopathy and persistence to muscular myopathy, and enjoys working with your vet. Thunes is convinced that the right equilibrium must be found not only in the horse's nutrition, but also between the horse's needs and the customer's own nutrition.

Dr. Thunes is also able to work with the single rider or an whole stable and enjoy the challenge of every single setting and works with the owner to find the best possible solutions. Thunes thinks her customers should know why different referrals are made and works to clarify their proposals.

Dr. Thunes also imparts her skills in discussions with a number of nutritionally relevant subjects with groups of riders. Though Dr. Thunes is not currently regularly on horseback because she recently started a stable, she is still involved in her equine fellowship and is hoping to get back into the saddle soon.

Dr. Thunes is not only an expert nutritionist, but also an adept researcher. Her equestrian backgrounds are broad, with many years of interest in nutritional science, which she was able to look back on with a doctorate in nutritional biology. At UC Davis, the doctoral programme in diet is intense and comprises research and other scientific activities as well as at least two years of course work at postgraduate school.

In this course, students emphasize the importance of their ability to think critically and are an important instrument for assessing and applying all facets of theory and nutrition. Dr. Thunes was mentored by R.L. Baldwin, a member of the National Academy of Sciences and an authority on system analytics and modelling to assist in food and veterinary research.

Working with Dr. Baldwin and other experienced and distinguished veterinarians at UC Davis has helped shape Dr. Thunes' career in research and other areas of fundamental and nutritional science. Graduate students also have the chance to refine their learning abilities and Dr. Thunes has developed into an experienced and efficient teacher.

Because of her knowledge of horse feeding, she was hired to train first year veterinarian horses at UC Davis. Their attendance at the meetings of the feed and feeding laboratory and the horse feeding lectures was priceless and provided important information not available elsewhere in the syllabus. Diet is crucial to achieving and maintaining optimum good physical condition and to ensuring optimum outcomes.

Dr. Thunes is singularly educated in nutrition and nutrition altogether, from dogs to dogs with one or more illnesses. She has a deep educational backgrounds and a constant quest for the latest food science expertise, enabling her to create effective, tailor-made nutrition strategies and at the same time communicate with customers to promote their commitment and appreciation of the needs of the herd.

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