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There are different types of carpets that can protect your horse in different ways by keeping it warm, dry and clean. Soft carpets - Stable rugs - General purpose & Cooler Rugs - Fly blankets & Special rugs - Pony rugs - Halters & Linen - Saddle pads, girths &


Various types of horse blankets - A leader

You can also look quite good, so you will most likely end up possessing a number of different carpets for different events and needs. At Equine Superstore we have a wide selection of carpets for sale, each of which is unbelievably useful in its own way. This is our overview of the different kinds of horse blankets in the Equine Superstore.

There are many different kinds of carpets and blankets available. Carpets for switches are the most beloved horse blanket. They can buy switch carpets in different designs and strengths. This sheet is used for riding the horse. Keeps the pet hot and sober during training.

If you have a good training hand, it should be breatheable and often have reflecting stripes for more caution. At Equine Superstore you will find a range of training carpets from the Weatherbeeta and Rambo Newmarket ranges. So why don't you take a look at all of our practice papers and see if anything comes up to you?

Flex carpets are highly flexible and can be used in many different applications and on many different occasion. These carpets are often hot and airy and are usually styled for aesthetic appeal, which means you can find some rather classy fleeces when you look around. We' ve got a beautiful selection of fleeces in the Equine Superstore, from various makes like Gallop, Saxon, Rhinegold and others.

Click here today to view the selection of fleeces in the Equine Superstore. Keeping your horse hot is not so important in summertime. If you are taking your horse to a tournament, however, you should make sure that your horse remains tidy and dust-free.

Here at the Equine Superstore we also have a range of Saxon and Amigo carpets and many more. Take a look at our Sommerblätter by click here. When you want to participate in an exhibition and your horse looks classy, proffesional and at the same time keeps itself hot, then you will want to put your money into a tournament fly.

Transparent leaves also have a wide range of uses - some can be used while traveling, others are well suited for use in the barn. Other carpets can be used as medium-weight carpets for early fall and early springs. The handkerchief is another useful kind of horse blanket in which you may want to use.

Light and airy, they also protect light weight riders from the heat of the day. We have a wide variety of leaflet styles available, from Weatherbeeta, Saxon, Amigo and others. To view the leaflets, click here. As their name implies, they can only be used in the barn.

And you can even further expand your diversification by purchasing certain carpets that are strong at nocturnal or daily periods and are suitable for different climates, etc. You can also use a blanket under a soft blanket during the cold season when it is important to keep it hot in the area. There is a wide selection of sturdy carpets that offer you different price and style.

In the Equine Super Store we have Weatherbeeta, Saxon, Rhino and more carpet. Please click here to see our complete selection of carpets. So since you have it, all you need to know about the different kinds of horse blankets that are available to you. To see certain carpet styles, click on the above link, or if you would like to search all the horse blankets and blankets available in the Equine Super Store, click here.

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