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Horse books

And I loved my horse books! Shared core information book set: Eight bestsellers that all riders must study. Man has had a particular relationship with the horse for hundreds of years, so it makes perfect sense that there is no lack of books about them. Classical information text, instructions, books, poems and more. Because horse friends can't be in the stable around the clock (although they probably would like to be), books about horse are a way to get to know their favourite pets from home.

It would be unthinkable to list all the great horse books, but here are a few particularly impressive ones for horse enthusiasts everywhere. Some of the most frustrating aspect of horse books is the inaccuracy of the information they contain. Sara Gruen draws an exact image of the top riding sport standards, interwoven smoothly into an exciting history that you will want to keep reading.

Precision goes further in this novel, which revolves around a protagonist called Brynn, who, after her father's demise, struggles to survive the family's horse trade under financial difficulties and tough customers. "Nicholas Evans' The Horse Whisperer." At a Montana Ranch, she recounts the story of a resolute woman who took her wounded horse and child to the centre of the land to find help from "horse whisperer" Tom Booker... who could be her last chance.

"Alison Hart's Shadow Horse." A number of good children's books about horse riding exist, but this secret is what makes the listing so special because it is fun and pleasant even as an adult. What's more, it's a great place to read about it. Also, with reference to special occasions such as the Devon Horse Show, the reader will appreciate its precision. Comprehend and influence the personalities of your horse" by Linda Tellington-Jones.

A classical text by an international renowned horse specialist and author of the Tellington TTouch, it shows how to analyse the horse's bodily characteristics in order to better grasp and affect its character. You' ll never look at horse identification the same way again! "Callfian: Although this tale recounts the real history of the full-blooded racehorse tragedy of Ruffian, it still sounds like a brilliant novel.

Ruffian's breed, education and careers up to the day after her sad passing are the basis of almost every foal album. America's War Horse" by Robin Hutton. Yet another real saga about an unbelievable horse, this volume tells the saga of Sergeant Reckless, the Dongo lian horse who was the only ever to be officially ranked in the United States Marine Corps during the Korean War.

"Susan Richards' Choice of Horse". Susan Richards recounts the real history of her experience with Lay Me Down, a former racehorse who saved her from an insecure destiny, and how the filly transformed her for the better. Horse books are available on the open air markets, many of which are outstanding.

However, if you are looking for a reading pleasure that is sure to be good, this will help you get on. Which are your favourite horse books?

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