Insulated Horse Blankets

Isolated horse blankets

This insulation, however, is lost when the coat is wet or matted with mud due to rain or snow. We recommend the Big D Kodiak stable blanket for horses that need a little more protection. Zippered Jammies Designer Lycra Horse Hood. Nice horse blankets and bed linen.

Bodypanel Kodiak Insulated Ceiling

By testing our product in our stables and on our own horse, we are sure that you will be delighted with your buy. That is why we have developed a stress-free returns strategy. When you buy an article that doesn't live up to your expectation, we want to get to know it, take good care of you and give you your rest.

If you or your horse can try it on, you can give it back for free! Simply use the stamped returns sticker contained in your order within 60 workingdays after the date of your order. Our company loves our goods and is pleased to take them back - even custom-made ones.

We are happy to take back everything from personalised coats to personalised holders - even blankets with embroidery that have been used. We know as horsemen what a big rider is. That' s why we are proud to be able to provide the best test ride programme in the industry. They can keep our Test Ride Seats risk-free for five consecutive working day to make sure you really like the shape and feeling.

But we know that in order to really try out a seat, you really have to use it. You can try with or without a saddlecloth. When you buy a seat from us, we want to make sure you like it. Naturally, we want our other clients to like their new calipers as well.

That' s why we have a test drive for each of our seats - so that all other seats remain in perfect working order and can wait for their new owner. Therefore, if you buy a seat outside the Test Ride programme, it is still returnable but must be free of markings ordamages.

Choice of blankets, blankets and carpets for your horse

If you choose a rug for your horse, you have many different options. Blankets are available to cool down and warm up the horse. Others keep the horse's fur away from dirt. There are those who believe that a horse should never be blanched, while others have a full dressing room with raincovers, carpets, blankets and cool boxes.

When you think that your horse needs a cover, you have to decide which horse you need....MORE. Turn-out carpet is not recommended if your horse works and sweats a lot and a raincover can keep your horse cool in colder weathers. Here is an overview of the different ceiling models available.

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