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The international riding helmets offer style with good ventilation, comfortable padding and a long, oval style that adapts to different head shapes. Infrared Helmet New IRH IR4G matte brown ridingball hat, small shell. Supplied in its box and with an extra toner container. Suitable for 6 7/8 to 7 heads. irh show headgear, excellent condition!

Softly worn large IRH leather buckskin IRH hard hat (7 1/8 - 7 1/4). Harness is fully reclinable and the inner padding can be taken off for easy clean up.

It has side and back venting and the detachable..... Comfort- Harness - Easily cleanable synthetic velour outside. Will be used for a few of the first few week of horseback training. Frosted IRH Elite Helm, 7 1/4 (59cm). Featuring inlays for an adjustment as well as an authentic boxing pouch and crest pocket.

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Overseas Helmets

IRH has been creating helmets since the early 1950s and offers its drivers maximum security. With the development of the familiy company, the company's focus on the development of top-of-the-range products also developed. IRH, with the expertise and qualitiy of the oldest families in the racing helmets sector, is a renowned design and manufacture of the best helmets in every area.

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Celebrating the 2017 International Helmet Awareness Day!

Riders4Helmet has already been successful worldwide for years and has already declared that the eagerly awaited International Helmet Awareness-Day is taking place on two dates this year: The International Helmet Awareness Award represents the security messages Charles Owen is sharing 365 times a year. Combining dealers and horsemen in an educational event with rebates and security training, this is a great way to promote and party for the innovation that keeps the rider safely in the saddle. Here you will find all the information you need.

A trustworthy resource for security expertise and a leading player in the development of the latest techniques and international research, Charles Owen is proud to take part as a producer and assist its many retail outlets around the globe. "The International Helmet Awareness Day allows us to introduce the security features that we passionately provide to all riders and help them to live a life of pleasure in riding," said CEO Roy Burek.

Charlemagne Owen is encouraging drivers of all ranks and backgrounds to investment in high security measures and to learn about the choices they make to protect themselves in the case of an incident. Charles Owen is there for the driver's security this week-end and beyond with an expansive line of helmets that meets all three international security requirements and offers the 4Star - the only four-standard rider-helmet in the market.

Where can I sign up as a registered dealer? Mr Owen invites all dealers to take part in International Helmets Awareness Day as this is an ideal occasion to enhance driver security. Dealers must sign up to the show to be recognised as an officially registered retail dealer and get a rebate on the purchase of helmets from registered brands such as Charles Owen.

In 2010 the first International Helm Awareness Day was organised by the German helmets manufacturer to inform riders about the advantages of using a perfectly fitted, safe and certificated helmet. Over 300 dealers and eight manufacturer of helmets informed about the right shape of the Helmet and the importance of security in the seat and gave the customer the possibility to acquire a Helm for a unique Sonderpreis, which is ordered only on the International Helmut Awareness Day.

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