Irish Draft Horse for Sale

Ireland Draft Horse for sale

Ilrish Draught, Irish Sport Horses & ; Connemara Ponies à vendre. Purchase expressive Irish Draft horses from breeders and individuals. Exclusive selection of Irish Draft horses for sale to ambitious sports and leisure riders.

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From the premium candidate Hannoveraner International Grand Prix of the Show-Jumper Mare! It' clear that it will be a jump plane. Extremes jumper proved, at the age of 6 month Flight has removed a 4-board-pen! The same amount of free space on the shoulders that is necessary for skydiving is provided by an elasticized back in a power pack motor that grabs it with the easy, floating motion that is indispensable for equestrian sport.

This young charming horse lights up every single morning; he is smiling in everyoneâ??s face. â fly provides spectacular skills and a unique way for amateurs and professionals to move up through show jumps, events and training, or hoe at will. He is the best of both his stallions, a real candidate for stallions.

Fly's dam is Good Reason, Imported Premium Candidate Grand Prix Show Jumper Hannoverian Mare, who in her heyday was selling for almost $200,000 US. As the President of the Hanover Society of the United States announces, Good Reason has surpassed the sought-after award candidate rank and even achieved âa much higher standardâ in order to attain Competition Mare state.

The highest honours of the Hannoverian companies in Germany and America go to Good Reason in the main mare book. Good Reason, a truly exceptional movers, was also successfully educated up to class 4 training. Fly's granddam is SPS Minette, even a State Premium mare from Hanover. Well-known to Goodman, Hannoveraner at the State Stud Celle in Germany.

In 1997 Goodman was Reserve Champion of 37 at his judgement in Hanover in Adelheidsdorf and scored the same number of points in show jumper and vault. He is a well established manufacturer of internationally renowned show jumper and champion horses. He is sired by the 2004 Hannoverian Champion Sire in Germany, the renowned Hannoverian premium horse Graf Grannus.

Count Grannus is one of the most succesful German producers, whereby Goodman is one of his top 3 licensed coltsons. Their impeccable exterior has determined all their fillies to become IDHS(NA) Champion or Reserve Champion Foal. Fly's granddam, Flagmount King, was one of only 2 Grand Prix show jumping horses in the whole wide range.

He is descended from very powerful, distinguishing jumps by Laughton, Tara and King of Diamonds as well as the uncommon jumps by Atlantic Boy and Rusheen Hero. RID Bridon Belfrey, RID is a brillant competitor himself, who proves his skills in the world of the sport and describes him as a great benefit for the race. The Cerulean Farm strives to produce world-class first class horse.

You are a horse of life and your tickets to the top! is an exquisite female RIDSH filly. Having set a gold standard in the world' s top class and first and second class of pro and horsemen, she entered the third class in 2017. Now Fiona is on stage four.

It jumped easily (3'6") and was hunting. MEET THIS BEAUTIFUL MARE! At the moment he is competing in the 2"6 show jumper and events class A. He' s in full education and making good progress. Mickie will be a great event, show jumper or horse for both.

00, the cost increases with the workout. She is currently being trained by a GP-teacher, Lauren Chumley and a young talent horsewoman, Christy Pellegrino. Laura Chapot was his granddaddy in GP show jumper classes and trained in GP riding. He has 1 1/2 of a hand on his pommel and is a horse for intermediate riders, named Salute The Truth.

The Cricket is out of an Irish filly, which has King of Diamonds in her line. His mother was succesful in show jumper and on I1 and I2. She' trained around our place and she' s gonna jump all over the area. She' s made great strides in her practice since she came home and I want this to stay that way in her next home, because this young horse has a great deal of sporting talent!

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