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If you buy blood in Ireland, you come to the source - the largest producer of whole blood in Europe. Locate local Irish thoroughbred horses in horses and ponies in Great Britain and Ireland. Race horses for sale, stallions for sale. Astonishingly talented thoroughbred Irish Sport Eventer or Hunter. Bloodstock agents successful in Wexford, purchase of racehorses, horses for sale.

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If you buy blood in Ireland, you come to the well - the biggest whole blood manufacturer in Europe. Remember thoroughbred... Remember Ireland! Irish blood stock selling has long been a supply chain for premium blood. Rooted in the traditions of stockbreeding, as a country you'll find a wide range of premium whole bloods for every taste and budget.

We have three stock distribution subsidiaries in Ireland: Goffs, Tattersalls Ireland and Goresbridge. In 2016, the total value of blood products distributed by these distribution subsidiaries amounted to 164 million euros, with higher than ever investments and exports of horse products to more than 33 different markets.

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It is the brand of the pre-loveed brand with a symbolic balloon in the shape of a balloon and the letters L and D with a loving hearts icon carved from the centre. Words'Preloved' are displayed along the logotype trade name, which is the logotype trade name'Preloved', showing a sign in the form of a balloon and the letters L and D with a loving hearts sign carved from the centre.

Words "Preloved" are displayed below the logotype.

Purebred horses for sale in Northern Ireland

Spring Lane Charity 12 year old Welsh Section A female filly sire offspring descendants aere Joseph Dam Spring Lane Choir - Grandfather is legendary of pen dock In the past was used as a main reins, first rode and young rider rode also show very successful as a novice, she is now...... She trains beautifully on the level and is rode by teenagers and novices.... she was at shows locally where she gave Sj/Show lessons and XC was trained....

17hhh Dapple Grey 17yo Grand Prix - SERIOUS HOORSE NOT to be missed! 14 different handstands. Partially farmed Welshman with verdurous pass.

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Solwit - Winner of the Ladbrokes World Hurdle Grade 1 in Cheltenham 2013 - Well done! That'?s a good one! The Ladbrokes World Hurdle was won by solo white when Paul Carberry brought him back later and the horses showed his power and quickness. This is an extraordinary young stallion that we saw for the first time as a Belgian heifer.

When we saw him growing and maturing, we had no doubts that we had a real thoroughbred in our hand when we presented him to our customer, the present Solwhit owner.... He' s a champion hurdler and has won several times. Conor - JCB Triumph Hurdle 1 in Cheltenham winners - Well done!

Conor won the JCB Triumph hurdle with the best result in 20 years in Cheltenham. To Glencove Marina, Class 1 car chase and Class 1 hurdle champion.

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